Saturday, May 26, 2007

this is how you subdue a cat!

well everydog and girl girl, this is how you fight a cat! this is an example of how nixon and i play fight all the time. i usually win as you will see! enjoy...

oh, and i don't know why the beginning of the video looks funny, i used quicktime to edit, anyone know what happened??

Monday, May 14, 2007

i will miss you fufu... were the coolest hamsterrier ever!
we will all miss you
you are so special to all of us

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

it is so NOT about me anymore!

well everydog and is SO not about me anymore! i don't get let out as soon as i want to, i have to learn to wait. i don't get my breakfast and dinner at consistant times that i demand. and between you and me they have forgotten my breakfast a couple times! i still get hugs and kisses but they are on the decline. and i still get to sleep in mom and dad's bed but sometimes i have to share the bed with the baby. OH and copper, i am not speaking to you right now because you did not come to help ME after the baby came. i need help too! i need help to get their attention!

but i have to say that aside from not getting as much attention anymore, they still love me. mom still holds me and says i'm a good boy and that she loves me. dad takes me outside to hang out with him in the yard and i still get to sit on top of the couch cushions. and the baby isn't that bad. she makes some cool smells and i like to protect her from nixon. nixon likes to smell her and i usually chase him away. i think i might like her. i'll keep her. but she needs to stop being so LOUD!