Friday, March 30, 2007

hershey schueler grocery inspector

my name is hershey schueler and i am a certified grocery inspector! i loooooove grocery day! i always make sure the groceries are in good condition and safe to eat. and i am a good helper because i don't eat anything i just used my highly honed smelling skills to check everything out. i love to smell the meat, cheese, milk, eggs, ice cream, cans, juice, everything! so many wonderful smells! i will admit that sometimes i lick the meat packages, (yummy) but mom doesn't mind cause she says she is going to cook it so no harm. do you guys and gals get to inspect your groceries!?

Tuesday, March 27, 2007


i have had enough! enough i said!

see, i like to sleep in mom and dad's big queen sized bed during the day. they don't make the bed very often and even if they did i can still get under the covers. us dachsies like to burrow and love to be covered up! i mean we were bred to go in tunnels and chase badgers! well i take all my naps in the bed under the covers, i love it! and since mom is hard to cuddle with on the sofa cause she has 4 more weeks til she has the baby (she's HUGE). i just go get their bed.

so ok, i love the bed, well mom and dad like to go pet me and give me kisses cause i get really cute when i'm all sleepy and warm in the bed. i love the attention but...i have had enough of them taking me out of the bed! last night dad wanted me to sit with him in his big chair and i was in the bed. so he came in and had the audacity to pick me up! i was comfy and cozy so i growled at him!! grrrrr! well he thought it was shocking but kinda laughed it off cause he wasn't really sure i growled he though maybe i had grunted (which i do a lot too) and mom didn't hear me so dad shugged it off.

well this morning mom had to leave the house to go to a baby shower (i guess they give babies baths at these things, whatever) and she went to go get me out of the bed and put me in the kennel and i growled at her when she started to pick me up! she didn't like it and i got yelled at! she said, "NO, you do not growl at me!" i think i even got a swift pop on my bottom. mom said she was sorry about that, it was a reaction. but i wanted her to leave me alone in my soft warm bed!!!! mom said i am getting a little bit too independent and big for my britches! i don't have any britches, i don't know what she means?! anyways, i have had ENOUGH! grrrrrrrrrr.....

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

mom's good deed

well i alerted mom to an emergency today and she took action!!

nixon and i were looking out the open window today (its so pretty and sunny here today!) and we saw two dogs running through our yard. nixon can sit in the window while i have to sit on the back of the sofa, sometimes i wish i could jump like nixon! well anyways nixon started meowing and meowing and i started barking and barking! mom thought maybe it was the ups man bringing her a package she is expecting but no it was two dogs! well she looked out the window and saw one skinny black lab and one shaggy golden retriever. the golden was not putting pressure on one of his back legs and was hopping around. it didn't look normal. so she ran to get a treat...from MY treat jar no less! and then grabbed her cellphone and MY leash! she ran outside and whistled for the dogs and they came running to her. they were all wet and dirty and the golden still wasn't putting weight its back leg. just then mom saw a lady walking down the street and mom asked her to help her hold the dog while she looked at its collar. so mom called the number on the collar and gave them MY treat and put MY leash on the golden. a lady answered the phone and said she had been driving around looking for her dogs for about 30 minutes. she said another lady had corralled them in her backyard but they escaped. so its a good thing my mom used a leash. well the walking lady went into her house to get another leash for the black dog and mom and the walking lady walked the dogs to the corner of the street to meet the dog's mom. when the dog's mom showed up she didn't seem really worried about her dog's leg. but she was happy to see them, she said they get out all the time and they have both been hit by cars before! it broke mom's heart. the dog's had walked about a mile and were very dirty and wet. mom wanted to ask if she was going to take the dog to the vet, cause she got the impression she might not, but she didn't ask. pray that this dog is ok and gets to see a vet. it wasn't bleeding, but it was definately hurt. i know that if my mom had found me like that she would have immediately taken me to the vet! she also would have made sure i had a secure yard. some people don't love us dogs like they should. sad.

Monday, March 12, 2007

lookie lookie what hana sent me!!!

hana sent me a ribbon necklace!!! it matches me perfectly and fits just right! hana's mom bought a painting from my mom and she sent her payment AND a necklace!!! i smelled and smelled and smelled the envelope. hana must have rolled on it cause i sure smelled her! mom opened the envelope and inside was a very handsome manly necklace and a letter from hana too! i scratched at it a bit when i first put it on but then i didn't mind it. and i even sat nice for the camera! i got a bath yesterday so i look a little fluffy. but i think i look good enough to be in hana's fashion show! and yes i am sitting on the arm of the sofa. mom calls me billy goat or spider man sometimes. copper's mom thinks that i think i am a cat cause i climb on things!

mom, charge your camera!!

i am sorry i have not posted in a while. mom is having her baby in like less than 7 weeks! and as a result she doesn't always feel like helping me get my thoughts out. she says she feels really BIG! and copper was here and i kinda helped him blog. well copper is gone, he went home. i miss him. but i am SO glad to have my dad home! see my daddy goes on these long 2 week business trips around the world. this time he went to tie-land. i have been cuddling with him as much as i can. i love my dad and i miss him when he is gone. but this time i got to spend LOTS of time with copper and that helped a bunch!

well yesterday i went to barker field, its a dog park here in richmond. i am not so sure how i feel about it. mom and dad wanted to get out of the house and the weather was so gorgeous! so they thought about the dog park.
well when i have been to the dog park it was for dachsie meetup and it was at another smaller dog park and there were all dachsies there. i kinda liked it. i was very shy and didn't quite know how to make friends.
mom and dad want me to like dog parks, they think it is good for me. well they wanted to try a different dog park since the dachsie meetups kinda stopped since it has been so cold! well they drove over to the park and they crested a hill and saw it in the distance and were AMAZED at how many dogs were there!! there were TONS of dogs and they were all BIG!! i am quite small at about 10 pounds. they weren't too happy to see SO many BIG dogs. they knew i wouldn't last. big dogs are great (my dad grew up with big dogs) but you big dogs play "bigger" than us little dogs, which can scare some little dogs like me. mom told dad just to drive through the parking lot and take a look at the park. and all of the sudden they saw the little dog area! so they decided to park the car and take me in. well, i was a bit scared and didn't want to go in! mom carried me in and kept me on my leash for a while. once i seemed to want to wander off a little she took my leash off. i tried to smell some mini-pinchers and chihuahuas but they smelled me and instantly wanted to play! and that scared me a bit. i ran right back between mom's legs. there was another dachsie there and she was crazy! she had so much fun running and running and running and playing with everyone. mom told me i should watch her.
(oh, mom tried to introduce me to a cute little king charles cavelier puppy named mr. darcy-mom thought he was ADORABLE and loved his name a bunch! he was ok)
so they say they are going to take me back to the dog park often and maybe i will start to really like it. we will see. copper and i talked about going to the park but when he was here it was COLD and our moms didn't want to stand in the cold and all copper and i wanted to do was sleep under blankets!

after the park mom and dad took me to another park called byrd park and walked around a pond filled with canadian geese. i don't care about geese, they don't phase me. i watched them a little but they are in the water and i don't like swimming so i don't care about geese. but geese candy smells interesting but i didn't feel like tasting it. i liked the walk a bunch cause it was just me and mom and dad and i love them! i met another dacshund and he had a t-shirt on! i was not sure about him, he smelled funny i think.

so after ALL that mom didn't take her camera cause the batteries were dead. so no pictures to show you. mom says she is sorry. i will make her charge her batteries so i can blog with pictures!

Thursday, March 01, 2007

food just for me! and shopping!

lookie what my mom saw in the petsmart flyer!

its food just for dachshunds!!! how COOL! they also have food for labs, boxers, german shepherds, and yorkies! the foods are also good for breeds that are similar to each of these. my mom is going to email miss cindy (our vet) and ask her what she thinks. cause we all know its good to ask your vet about what to feed you. right now i have to eat "i'm on a diet prescription food" but as soon as i lose the weight (2 pounds!) i can eat regular food again. so maybe if miss cindy says its ok i can try this cool stuff! it says it has stuff for my back, cause us dachsies can have back troubles, and stuff for my skin, my skin is ok, but copper's is real itchy. so maybe this will help him! oh and since dachsies can get chunky after we are "fixed" it has stuff to help us not gain weight and put pressure on our backs!

on another note...copper and i are going to fin & feather today! its a pet store that is about 1 mile from my house! they sell all kinds of pet stuff including fish, birds, ferrets, hamsters (like fufu), snakes, lizards, and they even have puppies!!! don't worry the puppies are from very nice breeders and not puppy mills. in fact the store has a bunch of literature about puppy mills and why they are so bad bad bad! so this is a nice store to buy a puppy from. they usually have yorkies and small dogs. it is the best store to go and SMELL! so many animals to say hi to and next door is a vet and mom is going to weigh me and see if i lost any lbs on my diet so far. we also may go to petsmart! AND later in the week we will go to the MALL!! yes there is a mall here in richmond that you can take your dog to! its called stony point and its an outdoor mall and they have a three dog bakery there! they also have doggie watering stations and the stores that let dogs in (almost all of them, except the BIG stores and restaurants) have little signs in the windows with a dog on it so you know its ok. stores like gap, anthropologie, restoration hardware, brooks brothers, etc let dogs in (its a fancy mall with expensive stores) but our moms just like to walk around with us and go to the dog bakery! i love to go shopping!