Saturday, January 27, 2007

clean clean kitty...

everyone remember my blog about the pet washing machine?.....enjoy

everydog and fufu, if you own a cat please make them leave the room while you watch this with uproarious laughter! (my mom and dad laughed so hard they cried and while saying ooh that poor cat, HAHAHAHAHAHAHHA!!!! poor kitty HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!) they didn't seem to be able to make up their minds if it was the FUNNIEST thing they had ever seen or they felt sorry for the poor thing! well i think its AWESEOME!!! and this cat looks like my nixon too! AO4 this is what we should use to bring down the C(un)IA!

(the video looks like it won't work, but click on it twice slowly, it should work, if it doesn't go to this link..)

Thursday, January 25, 2007

watch out everydog!!

well as AO4 let us know today its Australia Day today (which is tomorrow in Australia) confusing isn't it! today in America (which i guess is yesterday in Australia?) is apparently Dress your Pet up in a Silly Outfit Day!!!! they even made an e-card for it!! click here to send it to a friend as a WARNING! watch out dogs apparently our people are supposed to dress us in silly outfits today!

Sunday, January 21, 2007

oooohhhh nooooooo!

well my put brownbear in the washing machine! i tried to rescue him while no one was watching...

but mom found him and i couldn't do anything but watch him go round and round...

oh, brownbear, i'm so sorry, i tried really i did...i'll make you stinky again...don't worry

will someone help brownbear!!! he going to smell clean!! someone rescue him!!

hold your breath brownbear...don't worry it will be ok...i'll make you deliciously stinky soon

Saturday, January 20, 2007

Help save Brown Bear!!!

ok everydog and fufu...i heard mom and dad talking about WASHING brownbear. now as you all know brownbear is my super duper favorite toy! i love to chew on his ear and carry him around and sleep with him, he is with me almost everywhere i go! oh and i also like to roll and roll and roll on him cause he smells WONDERFUL!! well yesterday i jumped up on the sofa to sit with mom and as always i brought brownbear with me. mom said to dad, "do you smell something?" dad said no and then mom figured out that she was smelling the delicious aroma of brownbear. see he is so crusted with my lovely dried slobber that it creates a bouquet of delicious aroma. so after mom said, "Ewww, its brownbear!!" she said, "i think we need to wash him, he stinks!" and dad agreed! mom threw brownbear over to dad and said, "smell him, its horrible!" dad agreed with mom and then dad stuck brownbear under nixon's nose for fun and it made nixon run away! (i see this as a good thing by they way, anything to deter nixon is good!) so mom said she is going to wash brownbear on sunday! i don't think i can stop her on my own so you have to help me! we have to stop her! i worked soooo hard to make him smell so delicious! we can't let him be washed!
and yes i know that brownbear is not a bear but a dog, its just what i call him...

Monday, January 15, 2007

i was such a good boy! and i am going to LOVE baby toys!!

ladies and gentledogs i present to you the playskool busy ball popper. its the next level in dog toys, yes i said dog toys. now you ask, "isn't that a baby toy?" well, yes, but you will LOVE it!!! if you would like to see it in action click here and then click on "try it." it blows the balls up the tube and they pop up into the air randomly and then you go chase the balls and bring them back and your mom will put them in the toy and they pop out again and again, it is SO FUN! i didn't get to play with it much cause the baby had to play with it! the baby isn't even old enough to catch or fetch the balls yet but it laughs and laughs and tries to stop the balls from popping out. basically this toy ROCKS! and its only $20!

and its really hard to resist squeaky cloth baby toys, i mean they look just like MY toys!!

so anyways, i was a really really good boy this weekend. in the beginning i was a little nervous around the baby. i even showed my teeth a little when he reached for my nose but mom was right there and told me no. in the end i was very curious about the baby and was very nice to it. i was also very worried when it cried! mom and dad were proud of me, i never barked or growled at him. mom and dad are encouraged with my politeness and hopefully i will love my new baby sister when she arrives. i also just ignored the baby a bunch which mom and dad liked also, he didn't faze me like they thought he would.

Friday, January 12, 2007

a baby is coming to visit me!!

some friends of mom and dad are coming for the weekend! i have never met them and i am not good with strangers for the first 10 minutes. ask my granddaddy (the one copper loves) i don't like him and i don't know why! he stayed with me at copper's house along with my mom and dad and copper's mom and dad for like 5 days and i never liked him, wouldn't even get close! so i hope these people are ok. BUT they are bringing a BABY!!! his name is noah and he is 8 months old! so he is pulling up on stuff and grabbing things. hopefully not my EARS! this isn't a baby that just lays there, this is a baby who does stuff and can crawl and tries to walk! mom and dad said this will be a great test for me. whatever! i will have to take pictures...

Friday, January 05, 2007

a tale of two leashes...

i have two leashes, copper's mom gave me both when my mom and dad adopted (er..bought) me. one is retractable and is loooooong (and kept up in the closet) and one is short and not retractable and they always use it. well, since i have no fence mom and dad have to walk me on a leash to do my business. i go business in the front yard and we walk up and down the "runway" or front sidewalk. well...for the past week or so i have been feeling like i am running out of places to poop, i can pee anywhere!

my poop that is another story, i am very PICKY about where i poop! well we have lived here for about a year now and dad has mowed over my poop many times and i have areas that i like to rotate. one week i poop in a certain area next week i will choose another. well i ran out of spots last week! every time i would try to find an area mom and dad have been noticing that i am slightly destraut and can't seem to find a poop place. it makes them laugh but it is SERIOUS stuff! i always seem to want to go BEYOND the short leash (which they ALWAYS use) so dad saved the day, he suggested i use the loooooong retractable leash so i can reach the un-pooped areas of my front yard.

well IT WORKS!! i love it! i can smell all kinds of new places!! and i easily find poop places. dad is BRILLIANT!!!! i love him! YEAH DAD!! i still wish i had a fence and a doggy door like ivy though....oh day...

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Ivy tagged me AND my tent...

well, i want to show you a christmas present mom and dad got nixon and i. yeah we have to SHARE!!! i wasn't exactly excited about sharing with the cat but i don't have a choice i guess. at least we NEVER sleep in it together unlike Pippin's brothers and sisters!!! well here i am at copper's house in my new TENT! it came from the $1 area at target. nixon and i used it (not at the same time) on our car trip to see copper. mom put my comfy bed pillow in it... is a funny picture of copper, he was sleeping like that!! (sorry dude, i had too!)

i was tagged by ivy and i have to give five new year's resolutions!! here goes!!

1. sleep more!

2. get mom to let me have my 3/4 cup of food instead of 1/2 cup that was HER new year's resolution!!

3. collect more tufts of nixon hair by ATTACKING him!

4. meet more dog on dogs with blogs

5. to remove brown bear's other ear (see picture) i've been kind of trying for a while, i need to step it up!

Monday, January 01, 2007

What the *@#$#$&!!!!!!

ok this is the CRAZIEST thing i have EVER seen!!! its a dogwash! are you kidding me!? meeshka please tell me we can DESTROY this thing with the power of HULA! check out their website i love the FAQ page...

Doesn’t the animal ‘freak out’ in there?
Answer: NO! When the pet is introduced for the first time to the cabin, naturally, it does not know what to expect. When water starts to spray on the pet from several directions, it will catch it by surprise. Once the pet realizes that it’s ONLY WATER, and that the warm pulsating streams actually feel good, it soon begins to relax and will either stand still or sit down and look out the window. The next time, the pet will already be familiar with the cabin, and enjoy the experience right from the start.

WHATEVER!! can you imagine being put in a metal box and then water sprays all over you, then they spray SOAP at you and then more water and THEN they blowdry you inside this thing! they call it a SPA experience for your pet, spa experience my tail! i think we should put the people who invented it inside and see what they think!!!! i bet its not like the spas they go to!

maybe we can rid the earth of cats this way! you know they will FREAK...i can imagine it now....

i found out that it takes 5 minutes to wash and 25 minutes to dry!! thats THIRTY minutes inside that thing!!!

oh, you can watch a video about here (its a windows media player video)