Wednesday, August 15, 2007

ahhhh grrrrr eerrrrr grrrrrr oops there's a baby there

don't worry, miriam was not harmed in the taking of this picture. that said look how ferocious i look!!!! grrrrrr! mom was taking pictures of miriam and us and then we just started PLAYING!!! she was kinda proud of this shot, she loves the look on miriam's face!

copper has to go home on monday. sad. we have tons of fun BUT mom doesn't pay much attention to us when miriam is awake. she tells us to go away! well mom, if you're sitting on the floor with miriam that is international dogspeak for "play with the dogs!" i don't care if you are playing with miram! we want to lick her face and we are SICK AND TIRED of being told NO when we try and help her play with her toys. really that's all we are doing! we aren't trying to take them away from her so WE can play with them. we are helping! i promise. so let us help already.

copper says, "is she coming home with me? i sure hope not! sorry hershey, see ya!"


Hana said...

Wow, what a cool action shot of you doing a big "GGRRRRRRRR"!!

Hey, has Maggie come to visit yet?

Lady Kaos said...

WHOA! You look really ferocious Hershey! Maybe they should buy you more toys and then you wouldn't have to help Miriam play with her's! Makes sense to me!

Lorenza said...

Hi, Hershey.
If you hadn't told us that you two were playing I'd be scared for your look in that picture!
Too bad you can't take Miriam's toys!
Have a nice day

JustMeCopper said...

Man Hershey, you ROCK! You look so scarey!

Maggie & Marie said...

Gosh Hershey, you look scary in that picture! Miriam doesn't seem to be paying much attention to you though! Maybe you and Cooper should be LOUDER! :)

I had soooooo much fun playing with you and Cooper tonight! I want to come over again real soon!!!!!!!!



Reina the Doxie said...

OMG! The first picture is scary!!!
What sharp teeth!!!!!11


Hana said...

Ohhh, did Maggie come over to play with you guys? Pictures?? Did Maggie get to play with Hershey's baby too?

Joe Stains said...

oh miriam does not look impressed with you two at all! we are sorry copper has to go home :(

Luckie Girl said...

Wow..this is the 1st time I see Hershey looking so fierce!
I love the pikture of you 2 good looking doggies with Miriam. *swoon*

JenniJane said...

adorable.. i wonder how my puppies gonna look like