Friday, July 13, 2007

gooooooing to see copper!!!

hey everydog and girl girl! guess what time it is??? COPPER TIME!! dad is going on a big trip to france and since mom can't go :( she is going to GA to stay with copper's mom and my daddy's mom. i will be gone for 3 weeks!! and guess what guess what!!!!!!

yes, his mom and dad are going to visit the boy who used to be little and live with copper's mom (my mom's brother) and he's the one with 2 cats. so copper can't go, so he gets to come home with MEEEEE! and he just might stay for a WHOLE MONTH!! cause my mom and dad are going back to augusta in september for labor day, she we will take copper home then.
we will sit on the bed together

fight nixon

sit on the sofa

take naps

we will NOT wear hats!

BUT WE WILL HAVE FUN!!!! (hatless fun)


Maggie said...

I want to meet Copper!!! I am so excited he is going to stay with you Hershey! My mom won't let me sit on the couch yet, not sure why. She says it has something to do with "accidents." I hope you have LOTS and LOTS of hatless FUN!!!

Reina the Doxie said...


Hershey meets Copper! Does this mean we will have lots of stories to read about u guys and lots of pictures to see????


Lady Kaos said...

WOW! You two are going to have tons of fun!!! I almost feel sorry for Nixon....not really though.

Tadpole said...

AAACK! How EXCITING!!! Isn't it GREAT to have friends?!?! Friends who like you back, that is... my Mean Sister Fig doesn't appreciate all my exuberance for her. But I love her anyway!

Joe Stains said...

OMDOG I can't wait to see all the fun pictures from you guys playing together.

Dogs without hats!

Lorenza said...

Hi, Hershey.
You sure are excited about meeting Copper! You two will have tons of things to do together!
I hope you will be informing us about all that! ok?
Have a nice day

Roxie, Sammy and Andy said...

How fun that you and Copper get to be together again and for so long between a vistit to his house and a visit to your house. You will have so much (hatless) fun. But you might need to be a little quiet when you are back home so your baby Miriam can sleep. Two barking dachsies might be a little bit too noisy. Oh, maybe Maggie can come over too! Then you can have three dachsies like we have here!

Anonymous said...

Awww .. you two look soooooo cute in those hats though .... ow, ow, ow .. Chani is twisting my paw .. she made me say that ... ow, ow, ow

Hana said...

But wait! I thought you and Copper were gonna celebrate Copper's belated birthday together. So then it might be WITH PARTY HATS!!!!

You and Copper are gonna have so much fun. Plus maybe Maggie will join in on the fun too!

Don't get into too much trouble you guys!! Hershey, your mom's gonna have her paws full.

ToFFee said...

hi hershey! and copper

you gouys looks like you're having the bestest time!!!!


Ivy said...

oh i hope that hana is not rite this time about the birfday hats. those hats are terrible! no dog shud haf to wear them. in fact i think they may haf been invented by skwerrels.

Luckie Girl said...

Oh Hershey,
This is sooo exciting!! Gotta take good care of your Mr underpants Bear. I think once Copper gets his paws on him, it's going to be quite a sad sight.
Can't wait to hear about your dogventures. My dogness, one WHOLE freaking month. I am sooo jealous!!

Ricky Pepper said...

Hi Hershey!

I hope we get to see all of the (hatless) fun in your bloggie!

I gave you the imaginative writer award!


fee said...

hi hershey, i can just see all the fun you're going to have with copper! you look like bestest friends! have fun!


Sid said...

Hi Hershey!
I have a dachshund friend, she's my bestest friend, her name is Chloe, we have lots of fun together. She doesn't have long hairs like you and me though, she's got real short hairs.
I'm glad you get to spend lots of time with your friend!
Augusta? There's an Augusta in Maine! It's only 5 minutes away from our new home!
Have fun with Copper!