Sunday, June 24, 2007

now dad is the hero!

meet ellie...

last night my dad was coming home from the store and he saw a dog almost get hit by a car. he felt that something wasn't right about this dog wandering down the street. so he stopped and was going to check her collar and call her owners. well she didn't have a tag on her collar! so he brought her home. he said he wasn't quite sure what he was going to do with her when he got home, he just knew he couldn't leave her out there. (oh, and by the way i never got to meet ellie, i hardly knew any of this was going on, i just knew mom and dad smelled like another dog!) well since the humane society and the animal shelter are closed at night and on the weekends, they decided to keep her over night cause dad found her at about 8. well they sat outside with her on my tie-out and petted her and talked over what to do. they didn't want to chance that she was a dog that roamed around and to take her back to where he found her. they didn't want to keep her in the house cause they didn't know if she was an outside dog or and inside dog or if she had fleas, would chew up stuff and plus my kennel was too small for her. so they took some big stuff out of the shed and ran a light in there and made a bed for her with towels and gave her food and water.

they knew someone loved her cause she had a really pretty collar and she was soooooo friendly! so this morning they got up reeeeallly early and took pictures of her and made a found dog poster. and so they put her on my tie-out in the back yard where there was some shade and nice grass. well they went to go put posters up but not 3 houses down they saw a lost dog poster! it was for her! her name is ellie and there was a reward. well mom and dad didn't want the reward but ellie's dad insisted. mom called and said "we have ellie!!" and ellie's mom was soooooo happy, ellie only lived to streets over! the dad said it was the first time she ever got out of the yard! and that she would have a tag TODAY! so its a happy ending!!! and a lesson to always have a tag with your information or a chip like nixon has!!

Monday, June 11, 2007

my secretary you dare reveal yours?

my secretary (mom) has built up the guts to reveal herself. she would like to ask if you dare reveal your secretaries?? she says as she helps me read all the blogs that she always wonders who your secretaries are. what do you look like, what kind of jobs to you do, do your secretaries have non-fur babies? we all know what ivy's randy and lindsay look like and we hear your voices in your videos and see your headless bodies in do you dare reveal yourselves! i dare you! so here is the lowdown on my mom and dad..

mom's name is kirsten and she obviously just had a baby (cause i talk about the baby a lot, believe me she is the new star around here!) she used to be a middle and high school art teacher when we lived in GA last year. she now stays home with me and the baby. her mom is copper's mom if you didn't know that either. mom is showing skinny pictures of her cause she thinks she's fat...but she did JUST have a baby!

my dad's name is mike and he is a reporter and writes about people all over the world, that's why he travels to far and distant lands like suriname, lebanon, turkenistan, azerbaijan, turkey, thailand, and soon to be paris and the french riviera (yeah, he's roughin' it for that trip!)

so who are your secretaries? and what do they look like? do you dare? you know your curious about everyone else?!

Friday, June 01, 2007

my house

well hana, copper, and luckie showed us where they live so i thought since my sectretary, mom, is free (cause the baby is sleeping) i would show you where i live.

this is my house, i moved here february of last year (the big flat stones are from my dad trying out where a new sidewalk would go, he has since decided to postpone that project, he has lots of yard projects!)
these are some pretty flowers on my front porch nixon...he likes to site by the front window

this is the big bed i sleep in at night (and during the day)

this is me and copper sitting on my big bed

this is me and copper attacking nixon on the big bed

this is my dad's desk, you can usually find nixon up here

this is my living room, mom and dad like my big fireplace, and that is the chair that i sit on the back of
these are the ceramic birds that sit by the back of the sofa, mom likes birds, she bought these in thailand and can you see my toy bin at the bottom left of the picture?

ok, this is my kitchen bed and as you can see nixon is in it! sometimes he steals it from me and i have to take it back! but i let him have it this time because i wanted the sun spot and mom gave me a towel to lay on cause she felt sorry for me

i hope you enjoyed the tour of my house, i like it, its small like me and it has lots of sun spots!