Saturday, April 21, 2007

vote for copper! and baby business

go over and vote for copper for blog of the month!! i did...but of course he is my best friend! so i am a bit here

well on another note...the baby will be here on thursday (unless it comes on its own earlier). mom is getting induced. i will try and post a picture of the baby once it is here, but my auntie elizabeth (daddy's sister) will be taking care of me and i don't think she will want to take time to be my blog helper cause she will be playing with the new baby lots! copper's mom will be here (copper will NOT and i am MAD!) and maybe she can blog for me. but...if you want to check out my dad's blog he will be posting pictures for all to see...and you can see my mom and dad!

so i will be taking a little break from blogging for a week or two. don't worry i will be back...

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

PORK from heaven!...or...i love nixon!

mom made a pork tenderlion for dinner last night! yum! you wonder how i knew how it tasted, huh? well its cause i got a HUGE piece! yup! i got a big slice of teriyaki pork tenderloin! well as you know i am very short, not at all tall enough to counter surf like the huskies. plus my parents never ever give me people food. well, maybe a tiny bit if something falls on the floor but never on purpose. so last night mom and dad served their plates and went to the living room to eat. mom went back in the kitchen to get some more lemonade and there was a big piece of tenderloin on the kitchen floor! she knew that nixon had pushed it off onto the floor cause cats can jump high up and stuff. i guess he was trying to eat the pork but realized it was too much for his tiny mouth! he had done it once before with some chicken, but he doesn't do it enough that mom and dad even think to protect the stuff on the counters. well i was following right after mom as i always do and BAM i got the meat before she could even stop me!! i WIN!! i WIN!! mom couldn't get it from my mouth fast enough. oooh it was sooooo yummy! dad was worried i would hork it up since i had never had such rich and wonderful food! but i have held it well! i'm sure my tummy was rejoicing with porky goodness! nixon might be annoying but he is currently my hero! i'll let him stay around.