Wednesday, March 14, 2007

mom's good deed

well i alerted mom to an emergency today and she took action!!

nixon and i were looking out the open window today (its so pretty and sunny here today!) and we saw two dogs running through our yard. nixon can sit in the window while i have to sit on the back of the sofa, sometimes i wish i could jump like nixon! well anyways nixon started meowing and meowing and i started barking and barking! mom thought maybe it was the ups man bringing her a package she is expecting but no it was two dogs! well she looked out the window and saw one skinny black lab and one shaggy golden retriever. the golden was not putting pressure on one of his back legs and was hopping around. it didn't look normal. so she ran to get a treat...from MY treat jar no less! and then grabbed her cellphone and MY leash! she ran outside and whistled for the dogs and they came running to her. they were all wet and dirty and the golden still wasn't putting weight its back leg. just then mom saw a lady walking down the street and mom asked her to help her hold the dog while she looked at its collar. so mom called the number on the collar and gave them MY treat and put MY leash on the golden. a lady answered the phone and said she had been driving around looking for her dogs for about 30 minutes. she said another lady had corralled them in her backyard but they escaped. so its a good thing my mom used a leash. well the walking lady went into her house to get another leash for the black dog and mom and the walking lady walked the dogs to the corner of the street to meet the dog's mom. when the dog's mom showed up she didn't seem really worried about her dog's leg. but she was happy to see them, she said they get out all the time and they have both been hit by cars before! it broke mom's heart. the dog's had walked about a mile and were very dirty and wet. mom wanted to ask if she was going to take the dog to the vet, cause she got the impression she might not, but she didn't ask. pray that this dog is ok and gets to see a vet. it wasn't bleeding, but it was definately hurt. i know that if my mom had found me like that she would have immediately taken me to the vet! she also would have made sure i had a secure yard. some people don't love us dogs like they should. sad.


Dachsies Rule said...

Poor doggies to have such a seemingly uncaring human. Our mom has spent lots of money on us just to make sure we are okay. She would rather be out a few dollars than miss something that could be treated.

Did you get a treat after she was giving them away? We hope there was a reward for you!

Roxie, Sammy & Andy

JustMeCopper said...

Yeah, you need a treat for alerting her! Great job Hershey There's a reason why you get to sit on the back of that sofa!

Joe Stains said...

your mom is a VERY good mom. we feel bad for those doggies :( we are so lucky to have such good moms.

Luckie the Dachie said...

Good job Hershey! It's times like these we remind our hoomans how important we are. Your Mom is very kind. My Mom says to remind your Mom to be careful when she moves about. :)

Zach said...

Some dogs are escape artists and some humans just don't have money ... but it's sad just the same. We had a dog in our neighborhood that was always running loose, the owners didn't care what he did. One day we saw him and he only had 3 legs! I think a car ate his leg. He doesn't come around anymore though - he went over the rainbow bridge.

Sparky said...

Hershey, you are a hero! Great job!

This is one reason why I am not left alone in my own backyard - because it is not secure, and I am not old enough to realize that I could get hurt if I got out. I hope those doggies humans wake up!

hana said...

Your mom is a hero! She is a very pregnant superhero who needs to be careful, just like Luckie said. Your mom should be on the news, on Animal Planet. And you and Nixon too! You're the ones who alerted your mom to the shenanigans going on outside.

My mom helped some neighbor dogs the other day. Dogs 1 and 2 worked their way under a fence and went into the other neighbor's yard who's gate was opened. They were running around all over the place, and I alerted mom to it. Mom got my leash out, just like your Mom did, and tailed the two dogs and leashed the bigger dog. The other was small so she just held it. She got them into our neighbor's yard and pushed them back under the fence, and sealed the hole back up. During this commotion, Dogs 3 and 4 who lived next to Dogs 1 and 2, managed to escape from their yard. Sigh... mom doesn't understand why people don't secure their yards????

Ivy said...

hurray for hershey's mommy the superhero! and hurray for hershey for sharing your treats and leash - you are a hero too! i hope those dogs got all fixed up and luved on.

Isabella said...

Hey Hershey! Thanks for the link to your mom's wonderful creations. I'll put her link in my human crafty link section.
Big Wags,

Jasper said...

You have a super-dooper Mom!
We would have done the same thing and felt the same way!
Lots of kisses to your Mom and YOU for letting her use your leash and your treats!

hana said...

Dear Hershey, I like what you did to your blog site!! You added pics and links to your Mom's creations!! Hey, the funny thing is I was working on the same thing last night, except mine is not as nice.
~Hana the Dog

Rosco the wonder mutt said...

Wow hershey, your mom is awesome. My mom works in a Veterinary Emergency Clinic, so she gets to see all kinds of owners...good and bad. It can be very I am always extra nice and lovey-dovey when she gets home!

Lots of love,

Abby K9 said...

This is a very sad story. :(

Of course your mom was great for rescuing the two, but it's terrible that they went back to an owner who obviously doesn't care if they're hurt, get hit by cars, or get out and run away. *grrrr* People like that piss me off.

When my mom lived in southern VA (before she had me), she had a foster dog named Max. Well, one of her neighbors who lived down the road also had a dog named Maxx, a Golden Retriever, and his dog always got out, too.

One time, my Mom found him because he was barking outside at 3am, and she went to get him and brought him into our house. It was pouring rain outside and he had a cut on his paw. She rubbed him dry with towels and put out some blankets for him to lay on, and some food and water.

When it was later in the morning, she called the owner. He came by in his work truck and yelled at Maxx for getting out (again!) even though it's his fault he hasn't put a better fence in and that he leaves Maxx outside all the time. And he didn't even care that he was injured, either.

Mom always said, if she'd seen Max loose again, she'd have taken him to a rescue and not told the guy she had him. He was obviously not appreciated where he was at!