Monday, March 12, 2007

mom, charge your camera!!

i am sorry i have not posted in a while. mom is having her baby in like less than 7 weeks! and as a result she doesn't always feel like helping me get my thoughts out. she says she feels really BIG! and copper was here and i kinda helped him blog. well copper is gone, he went home. i miss him. but i am SO glad to have my dad home! see my daddy goes on these long 2 week business trips around the world. this time he went to tie-land. i have been cuddling with him as much as i can. i love my dad and i miss him when he is gone. but this time i got to spend LOTS of time with copper and that helped a bunch!

well yesterday i went to barker field, its a dog park here in richmond. i am not so sure how i feel about it. mom and dad wanted to get out of the house and the weather was so gorgeous! so they thought about the dog park.
well when i have been to the dog park it was for dachsie meetup and it was at another smaller dog park and there were all dachsies there. i kinda liked it. i was very shy and didn't quite know how to make friends.
mom and dad want me to like dog parks, they think it is good for me. well they wanted to try a different dog park since the dachsie meetups kinda stopped since it has been so cold! well they drove over to the park and they crested a hill and saw it in the distance and were AMAZED at how many dogs were there!! there were TONS of dogs and they were all BIG!! i am quite small at about 10 pounds. they weren't too happy to see SO many BIG dogs. they knew i wouldn't last. big dogs are great (my dad grew up with big dogs) but you big dogs play "bigger" than us little dogs, which can scare some little dogs like me. mom told dad just to drive through the parking lot and take a look at the park. and all of the sudden they saw the little dog area! so they decided to park the car and take me in. well, i was a bit scared and didn't want to go in! mom carried me in and kept me on my leash for a while. once i seemed to want to wander off a little she took my leash off. i tried to smell some mini-pinchers and chihuahuas but they smelled me and instantly wanted to play! and that scared me a bit. i ran right back between mom's legs. there was another dachsie there and she was crazy! she had so much fun running and running and running and playing with everyone. mom told me i should watch her.
(oh, mom tried to introduce me to a cute little king charles cavelier puppy named mr. darcy-mom thought he was ADORABLE and loved his name a bunch! he was ok)
so they say they are going to take me back to the dog park often and maybe i will start to really like it. we will see. copper and i talked about going to the park but when he was here it was COLD and our moms didn't want to stand in the cold and all copper and i wanted to do was sleep under blankets!

after the park mom and dad took me to another park called byrd park and walked around a pond filled with canadian geese. i don't care about geese, they don't phase me. i watched them a little but they are in the water and i don't like swimming so i don't care about geese. but geese candy smells interesting but i didn't feel like tasting it. i liked the walk a bunch cause it was just me and mom and dad and i love them! i met another dacshund and he had a t-shirt on! i was not sure about him, he smelled funny i think.

so after ALL that mom didn't take her camera cause the batteries were dead. so no pictures to show you. mom says she is sorry. i will make her charge her batteries so i can blog with pictures!


hana said...

Wowie Zowie, it sounds like you had an awesome outing, or at least so it seems because there's no pictures to prove it. The reason my mom's camera's batteries runs out is because it means she used the camera A LOT. So, this must mean YOUR MOM used the camera A LOT and has zillions of your pictures to download. Here's looking forward to seeing your pictures!

Joe Stains said...

sounds like a good time. we hope your mom has a quiet and healthy 7 weeks!!

Sparky said...

Hershey! We went to a dog park this weekend too...and it was great! I was a little scared at first too - but then I started to sniff around a little, and the place didn't seem so bad. I ended up having a great time...and my humans liked it because I slept for the longest time afterwards. (Nothing like alterior motives!)

Dachsies Rule said...

Wow, Hershey, that sounds like lots of fun. Mom won't take us to dog parks because there are three of us and only one of her. That's why she likes to take us to the country house with our cousins. It's like a dog park with five dachsies running around!

Roxie, Sammy & Andy

JustMeCopper said...

Hershey, I hope I can go to your dog park the next time I come. It sounds like a lot of fun. I wish we had gone when I was there.

Luckie the Dachie said...

Hey Hershey,
that dog park sounds really fun. It's great meeting more doggies huh?
Your Dad went to Tie-land? They have many cute dawgy stuffs for sale there! And they also sell really adorable puppies at their market. I wonder if your dad had a chance to visit the flea market. Tie-land is really near to Singapore. Your Dad must have flown many many hours!

Joy said...

Love your blog Hershey (are humans allowed to comment?) Sorry to hear your Dad goes away a lot, but you do a great job typing(!)

Best wishes to your Mum and her bump! Please can I give you a mention on my blog? at and use your photo if poss. Only the best dachshunds are allowed on there - (she says, hoping flattery will work!) Thanks.

Take care