Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Ivy tagged me AND my tent...

well, i want to show you a christmas present mom and dad got nixon and i. yeah we have to SHARE!!! i wasn't exactly excited about sharing with the cat but i don't have a choice i guess. at least we NEVER sleep in it together unlike Pippin's brothers and sisters!!! well here i am at copper's house in my new TENT! it came from the $1 area at target. nixon and i used it (not at the same time) on our car trip to see copper. mom put my comfy bed pillow in it...

AND..here is a funny picture of copper, he was sleeping like that!! (sorry dude, i had too!)

i was tagged by ivy and i have to give five new year's resolutions!! here goes!!

1. sleep more!

2. get mom to let me have my 3/4 cup of food instead of 1/2 cup that was HER new year's resolution!!

3. collect more tufts of nixon hair by ATTACKING him!

4. meet more dog on dogs with blogs

5. to remove brown bear's other ear (see picture) i've been kind of trying for a while, i need to step it up!


Dachsies Rule said...

Great resolutions. We really hope you get that 3/4 vs 1/2 cup thing working for you!

Roxie, Sammy & Andy

hana said...

Hershey, my mom saw that tent at Target!!! Yea, only one greenie for it. But, my mom didn't get me one because something about how I would be wearing the tent instead of sleeping in it? What did that mean? Your tent sure looks cozy.

Do you like the cards I showed on my bloggy? Your mom has some neat things on her web site. Too bad she doesn't make eskie things. Your mom should make eskie things, ya know?

My mom is crafty too. Not only does she make ribbon necklaces, but she also makes handmade greeting cards. These cards are the first ones she made. My mom is stupid.... she got better at making the cards but she was lazy and didn't scan the more recent ones, so you can't see her nicer cards as her skills improved. She is not a smart cookie sometimes.

Anonymous said...

Hey - we have lots of crafty and arty Moms - mine is too and so is Isabella's! Cool!

I saw you in the baby sling ... too cute. You Mom should buy one because they are awesome for human pups! Why anyone would want a baby behind their back where they can't see them is beyond me. But why someone would want a human pup is beyond me also - I don't like 'em! Good luck when your Mom's comes in April.

Girasol said...

number fourth on your New Year resolutions list is in progress...

Hola amigo,
My Name is Girasol.
I'm from Peru but i live in Arlington, VA.
I guess you don't read spanish, but at least you can comments the pics on my blog.

Ivy said...

yeah more food! more food! i am with you all the way little doglet!

hana said...

Hershey, I saw your comment on Copper's blog. Congratulations to your mom (and dad) on finding out they're going to have a girl human baby! (My mom told me to tell you that. Personally, I'm disappointed she's not gonna have a girl dachsie.) My mom says she is glad your mom is having a girl. Your mom can now make cutesy girl baby things. Maybe your mom can make the girl human baby a ribbon necklace? Hee hee! You two can dress up as twins. Ha ha! Ask your mom to make you a baby sling too. You should get a baby sling since you came first. While your mom is holding the girl baby, your dad can hold you, or vice versa.

fee said...

dear hershey, i can't believe you have to share the tent with nixon. have you worked out a time table for when he can use it? and brown bear, he doesn't look like he's been handled one bit except for the missing ear – has he been washed?


Joe Stains said...

we have a tent kind of like that but we will NOT go in it. your brown bear is very cute!

Dénia said...

Hello, I'm Dénia, Isabella's French friend.
You're beautiful, too!
I love dogs, I wish I had one. Mom used to have a white poodle, Speedy , and we had a golden retriever, Nougat who died poisonned 2 years ago. Mom was sooooo upset... she does not feel like having another dog.!!
I wish you a very Happy new year!
Big wags