Monday, January 15, 2007

i was such a good boy! and i am going to LOVE baby toys!!

ladies and gentledogs i present to you the playskool busy ball popper. its the next level in dog toys, yes i said dog toys. now you ask, "isn't that a baby toy?" well, yes, but you will LOVE it!!! if you would like to see it in action click here and then click on "try it." it blows the balls up the tube and they pop up into the air randomly and then you go chase the balls and bring them back and your mom will put them in the toy and they pop out again and again, it is SO FUN! i didn't get to play with it much cause the baby had to play with it! the baby isn't even old enough to catch or fetch the balls yet but it laughs and laughs and tries to stop the balls from popping out. basically this toy ROCKS! and its only $20!

and its really hard to resist squeaky cloth baby toys, i mean they look just like MY toys!!

so anyways, i was a really really good boy this weekend. in the beginning i was a little nervous around the baby. i even showed my teeth a little when he reached for my nose but mom was right there and told me no. in the end i was very curious about the baby and was very nice to it. i was also very worried when it cried! mom and dad were proud of me, i never barked or growled at him. mom and dad are encouraged with my politeness and hopefully i will love my new baby sister when she arrives. i also just ignored the baby a bunch which mom and dad liked also, he didn't faze me like they thought he would.


Cubby said...

I'm very proud of you. Always be nice to babies. Eventually, they will delight in feeding you vanilla wafers.

JustMeCopper said...

Hershey, I am so proud of you. Cubby is right, you will finally get to eat people food when a baby comes. They drop stuff. You will be a good big brother. How did Nixon do?

hana said...

Hershey, I am very proud of you too. I don't think I could have done what you did.

Wow, this means that when your baby sister comes, it will mean more toys for you! That sounds so cool.

Is your mom gonna get you the playskool busy ball pooper, ah, I mean popper? If you could learn how to put the balls back into the popper yourself, wow, you could play all day by yourself even if your parents weren't home!

Rosco the wonder mutt said...

Wow, I am so happy you were good with the baby. This means you'll love your new little sister!

I met a baby once. Some lady brought a baby to the dog park in his car seat and then put him down on a picnic table. Well duh! I hopped right up there and gave the baby a good ole sniff and lick! The baby smelled nice...but that lady started yelling at me! So, always ask before you lick a baby!

Lots of love,

Zach said...

Cool beans .. maybe your new baby sister will share her toys with you when she comes ... will you let her play with your toys?

Isabella said...

What a great guy you are! That was so mature of you to be so good with that baby. I bet that won you lots of good points with the humans!
Big Wags,

Charlie Kelley-Church said...

I am so proud of you too. I am intrigued by the ball popper. I don't usually play with balls but this coud be a first. I'm sure you will love your baby sister when she comes. You can protect her and she will love you.


fee said...

o congratulations on your first successful meeting with a baby! like cubby says, i hear babies are nice to be around because they are such messy eaters!


Pippin the flyball dog said...

Good work Hershey--it's important to the people that we extend the "puppy license" to their young as well. Just be nice to the baby at least until it learns human "speak".

When we had a toddler visiting in Sept., none of us were too sure about her--but she had never been around dogs before--your little sister will know all about it since she'll have been around you.

The toy looks awesome--our people buy us baby toys sometimes when they are cheaper than dog toys--we don't care, we rip them all up.

Are the balls in the toy pretty sturdy? I know some dog boyz who would LOVE a toy like that.

See you

Ivy said...

woo hoo! babies sound like lots of fun! as long as they share theyr toys and let you help them clean up after a meal! now i want to visit a baby too!