Saturday, January 20, 2007

Help save Brown Bear!!!

ok everydog and fufu...i heard mom and dad talking about WASHING brownbear. now as you all know brownbear is my super duper favorite toy! i love to chew on his ear and carry him around and sleep with him, he is with me almost everywhere i go! oh and i also like to roll and roll and roll on him cause he smells WONDERFUL!! well yesterday i jumped up on the sofa to sit with mom and as always i brought brownbear with me. mom said to dad, "do you smell something?" dad said no and then mom figured out that she was smelling the delicious aroma of brownbear. see he is so crusted with my lovely dried slobber that it creates a bouquet of delicious aroma. so after mom said, "Ewww, its brownbear!!" she said, "i think we need to wash him, he stinks!" and dad agreed! mom threw brownbear over to dad and said, "smell him, its horrible!" dad agreed with mom and then dad stuck brownbear under nixon's nose for fun and it made nixon run away! (i see this as a good thing by they way, anything to deter nixon is good!) so mom said she is going to wash brownbear on sunday! i don't think i can stop her on my own so you have to help me! we have to stop her! i worked soooo hard to make him smell so delicious! we can't let him be washed!
and yes i know that brownbear is not a bear but a dog, its just what i call him...


Isabella said...

Hershey, I am sorry, but I have to agree with your folks- brown bear reeks! Ugh! I can smell him thru the computer screen. Won't you still love him when he smells good?
Big Wags,

Joe Stains said...

oh no! fufu needs to fire up the fu fu mobile and rescue the both of you

Opy - the Original GruffPuppy said...

Disconnect the water from the washing machine - that should fix the problem !


Bruce the Bird Dog said...

Tell brown bear to be brave and hold his breath!!

hana said...

Dear Hershey's Mom,
If you give brownbear a bath, Hershey's fur that drapes brownbear will clog up the bathtub. For that reason, it is best to let brownbear be.
The End.
~Hana the Dog
p.s. Brownbear also doesn't know how to swim.

Cubby said...

On the bright side, you'll have a clean surface to start a new stench!

G√ľnter said...

Hmmm, maybe you have a secret place where you can hide the brownbear?

Ivy said...

ooooo! poor brownbear! my peepol haf washeded my toys so many times that i haf given up complaining about it. but it still makes me sad just the same to lose all that beautiful smell.

dont worry - if you take brownbear out and roll in the dirt you can get that smell back reelly quick.

JoeBlogs said...


Marvin The Dog said...

Hello Hershey! Pleased to meet you. I have mentioned you in my Blog today as you gave me an idea in your comment on The Army Of Four's Blog!

You have a cool place here!

love from Marvin The Scotsman Poet and Dog Blogger x