Saturday, October 28, 2006

my life is a BIG mess!

well i bet you all thought i fell off the face of the earth or maybe nixon ate me, but no i'm here but i don't feel safe and sound. there are too many things going on in my house to make me feel comfortable. i have to be on gaurd at all times!

well here's the scoop...ivy i TOTALLY know how you felt when your mom and dad messed up your kitchen! mine are messing up their bathroom! they are putting in a fan to suck out all the wet air in after they take showers. my house is 50 years old and it never had one! its a wonder we don't have a mold garden in our bathroom like ivy might have. well after they take a shower there is water that sometimes drops from the ceiling! so they needed a wet air sucky fan. well to get a wet air sucky fan to work dad is having to wire it and that is what is making all the mess and the noise! mom says its a looooong story but let's just say doesn't want the fan to come on when she turns on the light, dad wants to put the fan over the shower so its needs some sort of ground faulty thing, so dad has to put a new switch next to the ground faulty outlet next to the sink. well that sounds easy, right? WRONG! there is a lot of drilling and hammering and sawing and just NOISE! i finally stopped barking everytime dad made a bangy noise. (they loved that!) i thought someone was at the door and i had to alert them!

well if that isn't enough they are changing the mirror and the light fixture and painting!! all in one weekend!!!! mom said she didn't want to live in a "work-zone" for a couple weeks, plus they gots to take showers (they are already getting stinky, last shower was thurs night!) oh and they found a nice big hole left by an old medicine cabinet behind the mirror they took down so they have to fix that TOO!

hello dad!! i can see you! how did you get in that small hole in the ceiling?!

what is all this stuff? hmmmm....tape is tasty you should try it!

OH and since dad is going in the attic a lot stupid head nixon thought it would be way cool of him to go in the attic and check it out! apparently he can climb ladders!

oh and let's top this all off! mom's belly is getting bigger, she says its the baby but how does a baby make her tummy her bigger? anyways, she doesn't like it when i sit in her lap anymore! or curl up next to her tummy when we go to bed. she must not love me anymore!

Thursday, October 12, 2006

fun with copper...and nixon's prize

well, i'm at copper's and we are having FUN!!! we had out mom take a video of us playing so we can show you guys a bit of our fun.

on another note...nixon is a goober! he is so lucky! mom and dad were pouring nixon's food into his container and guess what came out!

he got a prize in his "cereal box"!!! he gets meow mix and apparently they give out bags of TREATS in their food!! well i get boring science diet and they DON'T have prizes inside!!!! i am so jealous! i want a prize in my "cereal box"!!!!!

so now without further edu.....(oh, and yes this is my mom and dad talking in the backgroud)

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

to the tune of "wizard of oz"

We're off to see the Copper!
He's Hershey's super best friend!
You'll find he is a best friend! If ever a friend! there was.
If ever oh ever friend! there was
My friend Copper is one becoz,Becoz, becoz, becoz, becoz, becoooooooz.
Becoz of the wonderful things he does.
da dum da dum da dum
(hey look at this cool dachshund about to go on a car ride!!)