Wednesday, August 30, 2006

It will not be named Pilot Inspektor!

Well my mom told me today that I am going to have a baby brother or sister! But its not a puppy its a human baby!!!! Oh, what to do?! Will they pay attention to me anymore? Will it pull on my ears? Will it cry and interrupt my beauty (er...handsome) sleep? Will it eat my food? Will they love me anymore?! Mom calls me her baby, but she will have a REAL baby! Will she call me her baby anymore? All I know is I have to try and love her lots and lots these next months so they will still love me when they have this baby! Maybe Meeshka will ban babies before they have it! Oh, and don't worry I won't let them name it Apple or Shiloh or Suri or Pilot Inspektor (yeah, that guy whose name is Earl on tv named his baby that!) So apparently it is coming to live with us around the April 28. Well, I've got to go love on my mom she's feeling kinda sick.....

Saturday, August 26, 2006

How I got my name...

I got my name pretty easily. I was the first little puppy to go sit in my mom's lap and I won her heart. Since I was chocolate colored my dad said to my mom, "You can call him Hershey since he's chocolate colored!" Mom said, "Yup, that's perfect, done, that's his hame." And that was all they needed to come up with my name. Easy. The picture at the top is me with my doggie mom and dad (he had a cat-ract). It was the last time I saw them, but I don't miss them much cause my human mom and dad are the best! This is me on the way home to live with my new mom and dad. Oh, guess what my first human dad had a camel, a couple mini horses, a goat, and a llama!

Monday, August 21, 2006

Humiliation (bad), Huskies (good!)

tonight i got to go on a carride to petsmart! yeah! the night began well enough with the car ride. but it was an adventure let me just tell you! first lets just say that i am somewhat of a shy dog and i get embarrased easily.

as i entered petsmart i walked i met a cute white fluffy girl dog! good, right? well i got really shy and i tucked my tail and when i did all the sudden i just started pooping i couldn't stop! i was SO embarrased. mom had to pick it up. i jumped up on her leg and i looked so embarrased. i needed my mom to hold me and comfort me. little did i know what additional humiliation would lie ahead.. so anyways after the embarrassment of my life i walked around and met some new dog friends. i went and said hi to the cats that need new homes, they were cool, although some had never met a dog, so i told them to make sure they get homes with dogs!

but after i left the cats i met TWO count them TWO huskies! one was red just like meeshka and the other was gray like doodles! they were very nice to me and we smelled noses. i really liked them! mom said they were beeeeauuuutiful! meeshka and doodles i TOTALLY understand about your mom's stealing your fluffiness. they were very fluffly! they weren't as special as meeshka who has two different colored eyes. they both had blue eyes but they were really pretty blue eyes.

well after the humiliation and meeting huskies (which totally made up for the humiliation) mom decided to back up the embarrassment truck and put a hat on me!

so while mom was holding..i mean humiliating me AGAIN... i felt the need to maintain my manliness and i growled at the big petsmart dog that hangs from the ceiling. you know the one i'm talking about? he's a big dog playing with a big red ball and they hang from the ceiling. well he needed growling at! it made me feel better.

well right after i felt better cause i intimidated a big fake dog mom stuck me in a STROLLER!

what is going on here! my mother is bent on making me feel so stupid! i know she loves me but i did not feel loved at petsmart. oh and after all that mom and dad did NOT buy me anything! they said i had plenty of toys! as everydog knows you can never had too many toys! come on mom treat me like the manly man i am, or that i want to be.

Saturday, August 19, 2006

Doggie Meetup!

yeah! today was doggie meetup day! today (which is saturday) mom and dad didn't sleep in! they woke up and asked me if i wanted to go on a car ride! i said yes please! so we arrived at a place called Phideaux Field (get it!) and there were LOTS of dachshund, boston terriers and a couple other smallish dogs! i was kind of shy at first but mom let me off my leash since the other dogs didn't have leashed too. well i was a little nervous to say hi to some of these new dogs. there were some reeeeally cute girls and since i don't have my boy stuff anymore i was kind of wondering what they would think about that. but i went up and said the dog-hello (humans just think we are sniffing booties, but we all know its just saying hi) and the dog said hi back to me and then we smelled noses

and then we played a little

then we went to meet other new friends

so some really nice dogs had left their toys behind and mom threw one for me and it made me feel a little better. i drank some water with some friends and ran after some toys with them too. i met one dog who had a white eye! it was wierd, mom says he had catrats whatever that is?! there were some nice old dogs and a PUPPY! i told him that being a dog is pretty cool. he is only 8 weeks old!

my new friends and i are going to meet up again in september! i had soooo much fun and i took a BIG nap when i got home. its tiring meeting new friends! everydog you should all go to and see if there are any doggie meetups in your towns!

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

My weird neighbor!

I have a strange neighbor. Copper has met him. His name is Rob. My mom is weirded out by him and because of that I have to bark at him whenever I see him. I'll tell you the background story.

Well, at my new house I don't have a fence and mom and dad don't have the money for a fence. So I have to go business on a leash. I can't go business in the backyard cause the grass is all funky back there AND there are TONS of mosquitoes. Now I know what your thinking...Sure Hershey there are tons of mosquitoes everywhere. No, there are more mosquitoes in my backyard than anywhere else in my county! It has actually been proven!

Mom was irritated at the amount of those buzzy bitey pests so she called the county and they came out and did some tests with some traps and stuff and they caught more mosquitoes (the kind that can carry west nile virus, yeah west nile virus!) in our backyard than other place in the county that they had done these test things! yeah so the reason we have so many buzzy yucky disease carrying bugs is that mr. rob has tires and trash in his backyard that has water and water apparently helps those mosquitoes to grow and make more mosquitoes. so if you take away the water its like taking away my boy parts i can't make babies and the mosquitoes can't make babies! well since i can't go business in my backyard (cause mom is allergic to mosquitoes she gets all hivey and stuff) i have to go potty in my frontyard.

ok since i have to go in my frontyard that means i see rob ALLLLLLLLLL the time! why you wonder do I see him EVERY time I go in my front yard? cause he sits in his car, chain smokes, drinks beer, and listens to some sort of talk radio ALLLLLLL the time! mom gets all freaked out by it. its the only thing that she doesn't like about our new house, rob and his mosquito breeding backyard and his sitting in his car all the time! he sits with his window rolled down, and his driveway is right next to my front yard so he is like 15 feet away from where i have to go potty.

most of the time i don't notice him but then he will say something to mom and i will realize he is there and start BARKING at him! well you gots to concentrate to go poops, you gotta find just the right spot, you know. well, when rob talks to mom or dad i get all barky and then i can't concentrate so i have to go inside and then go outside again about 10 minutes later. it makes mom all irritated. oh, and rob likes to growl and me and act like a dog...he has no idea how to act like a dog! take some lessons rob! so he makes me all mad and stuff. otherwise i would just stop barking and go business like mom has taught me to do when people walk by my house. ugh! why can't rob just stay in his house like most normal people! it makes me mad at him that he bugs mom so much. i love my mom. by the way this picture is when mom and dad were looking at the house to buy it in the dead of winter.

Sunday, August 13, 2006

I've been tagged

I've been tagged by Dusty Doodles and Copper!

The player of this game starts with "5 weird things/habits about yourself." Then you tag 5 friends and list their names. The furries who get tagged need to write on their blogs about their 5 weird things/habits, as well as state this rule clearly, then tag 5 more victims. Don't forget to leave your victim a comment that says "you're tagged!" in their comments and tell them to read your blog.

5 weird things about me...

1. I wake up mom by standing at the end of the bed at about 4 in the morning to go business. Every morning! She doens't mind, she sees it as training for getting up with a baby, which they want to have. Dad HATES it!

2. I'm not super excited about eating. Never have been. Sometimes I leave some dinner for breakfast. The only people food I've ever had is from my grammy who wants to spoil me rotten. Mom said she just didn't want me to beg and the dinner table and stand under her feet while she is cooking, and I don't I sleep in my kitchen bed. I'm a good boy!

3. I loooooooove to take a bath, I get excited when mom takes off my collar and turns on the bathtub faucet. I love to put my face under the water!

4. I won't sleep anywhere on the sofa but the BACK of the sofa cushions!

5. I bark like CRAZY any time someone TOUCHES the mailbox. The mailbox is right outside the front door, we have a walking mailman and I bark and bark and bark like I will KILL him when he brings the mail. I even BARK when mom or dad touch the mailbox!

I tagged Gunter, Fee, Cassidy, Cairo, and Pippin

Saturday, August 12, 2006

What a fun day!

Wow! What a day! I went to the DUMP! My dad took 5 trips to the dump to get mulch and I went with him for 4 of the trips. The first one he took before mom woke up and of course I was still in bed with her, gotta get all that warm sleepy time with mom in the bed. Once mom and I woke up we went on a car ride with she and dad in mr. keith's truck. I once stayed with mr. keith when mom and dad went away for a couple days. Mr. Keith has a cat named Ozzy (he is WHOLE other story). Anyways Mr. Keith's truck smells awesome! I got to smell out the window (when the tr
uck was going slow of course) Once I got to the dump we backed up to a GIANT pile of mulch (its free, you can take as much as you like) mom and dad got out and started shoveling mulch into the truck. That mulch smelled soooooo good. Mom said it stunk and dad said it smelled nice and earthy, I said yummy! I wanted to get out of the car soooooo bad!!!! I wanted to run and jump and frolic all over that pile! Who cares if I get mulch all in my hairs and that mom would have to spend lots of time trying to get it out...but I might have needed a bath...awesome! well they wouldn't let me out of the truck, it was nice and cool today and they rolled the windows down and gave me a bowl of water, but they still left me in the truck. It only took about 10 minutes to shovel the mulch and then they got back in the car with me and went to the house and shoveled it out and then repeated over and over again all day long!! (mom went 2 times with dad, dad went 5 times total, and i went 4 of those times with dad) well needless to say i am TIRED! i woke up from my nap to write this and i am going back to sleep as soon as i'm done! This is a picture from the website of the county I live in, its a picture of the mulch pile. In case you were wondering. But now there are 5 big piles of mulch in my back yard, maybe i can find a way to sneak outside and run and jump on those piles! don't tell mom!

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

poor chow chow...

When mom came home today she gave me a big hug and kiss and told me a sad story. On her way home she drove past what she thought was a wreck. She saw a couple cars stoped in the middle of the road with their flashy lights on. In front of one of the cars was a big fluffy orange chow dog. He had been hit by a car. Mom wasn't sure if it was one the cars that stopped, she said they were too far away from him. Anyways, there were two or three ladies who were crouched around him with a blanket trying to see if he was ok. Mom gasped and thought about stopping but there were a lot of people there already and she thought it would just make her more upset and the ladies that were there alreay looked like they were going to do their best to take care of the chow dog. mom stated crying a little cause she thought of the chow dog's people. it was so cute and fluffy. his mom and dad are either really really worried or really really sad right now. mom hopes he is ok, she wanted to call every emergency vet in town to ask about the chow dog. let's all pray for mr. or miss chow dog tonight. i hope he gets to come home and give his people kisses.

so dog friends out there, don't break out of your fences, ground screws, or leashes. streets are BAD BAD BAD! cars are much bigger than us (especially doglets, cars are WAY bigger than doglets) i don't want to hear of any of my dog blog friends getting hit by a car.

why can't people just walk, its refreshing and its much safer for us dogs?!

Sunday, August 06, 2006

Mom and Dad's favorite comic strip

Mom and dad love Get Fuzzy cause they think the dog and cat are like Nixon and I.
Read it, its really funny today! I love Satchel, he's writing a dog blog too!

Saturday, August 05, 2006

My Favorite Toys!

Well Copper has put out the call to show our favorite toys! Here is my first toy ever. Copper helped my buy it. Our moms took us to petsmart the day after they got me. I love my mr. frog, its special to me. This is also my treat jar behind mr. frog

This is my skunk. I'm posting this to let copper know that you CAN'T CHEW HIM UP cause I will never let you near him AGAIN! My mom had to sew skunk up after copper DESTROYED HIM! This is also the bear I stole from Copper when he stayed with me. I will give him back to Copper when I see him next cause I'm nice. But don't go near the skunk, I 'll make him spray you!

This is a toy that copper sent me as part of the hershey-copper toy exchange program. We send toys back and forth to each other. When we get them in the mail we SO EXCITED cause they smell like each other! I feel like I am with copper when I chew on his toy. I love him. And I love this toy! Mom won't let me chew on it when I am in my kennel cause one time I chewed off a big chunk of the blue plastic and she doesn't want me to choke on it so I'm not allowed to have it unless mom is watching me.

Now for my FAVOTIRE TOY OF ALL...BROWN BEAR!!! First, I need to say that I know this is not a bear but a dog, but mom and dad are the stupid ones who started calling it brown bear until someone said..."you know that's not a bear but a dog" mom and dad felt silly but can't stop calling it a bear. Anyways my auntie Elizabeth gave it to me for Christmas (she is dad's sis, I love her!) It used to have a red rope through his hands but I decided he needed to be redecorated so I removed it. I also decided that Brown Bear didn't need his ear either. He squeaks and I LOVE HIM!

After all the picture taking my mom took a picture of me with all my toys, I feel stupid....

ok, all this toy talk makes me want to PLAY!!!!!!

Opie's big idea!

well i did the "paw it forward" and i read some really cool blogs! its such a simple no brainer idea! isn't that what "dogs with blogs" is all about. what's a good dog blog without friends that read it?! since i just moved to virginia i didn't have any friends here and i like having internet friends. in fact i get to go meet some dachshund friends on august 15th. you should try this idea too! go to and see if there is already a dog meetup where you live. if not you can start one! you can also say email me when someone else is interested in starting a meetup like me. my mom went to a dachshund meetup in new york city when she lived there. it was before i was born and she was married to dad. she didn't have a dachshund but missed being around them. (copper and i are 2 in a long line of family dachshunds) since mom liked the meetup idea she signed up for a dachshund meetup in richmond. and this week someone paid the money to have the meetup (long story on the money part but someone has to pay $12 a month to use the list of people who want a meetup and be able to contact them) so i get to meet new dachsie friends on august 15! yeah! i think the pug meetup and another kind of dog meetup will be there to. i hope i have good manners and am friendly. sometimes i just have to protect my mom and it comes out sounding mean. i mean you just have to protect your moms they cuddle with you and give you food!

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

My new house

i thought i would write about my new house. about 6 months ago i moved to this new house. my daddy got a new job and we had to move far away from copper. my old house had fluffy floors, i think mom called it carpet. well this new house has slippery floors made of wood! whenever i ask mom to throw my toy for me i ruuuuuun after it but i have a hard time stopping! these floors are slippery! well my old house had a little fenced in back yard. the backyard was very doglet sized. meeshka and dusty doodles you would NOT do well in my old backyard! big dogs would need a much bigger yard. but it was pretty good for a doglet. i didn't have to be on a leash to go business and i didn't have to be on a ground screw to hang out outside! well my new house has no fence! oh and the slippery floors are not good for when you jump off your mom and dad's bed! well dachsies aren't supposed to jump off high beds cause its bad on our backs. but i don't listen to mom and wait for her to do the dog elevator, and sooooometimes i jump off the bed when i'm not supposed to. well its much better on my short legs and looooong back to land on carpet than slippery wood floors if i have to take a flying leap! or as my dad says...doglet dive!

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

I got a bath nanny nanny boo boo!

I looooove my baths! my mom took some videos of me with her camera phone....