Friday, November 24, 2006

a guest blog from Copper .......

Hershey said I could write on his blog. I love having him come visit me. He keeps me company so I am not all alone. I hate being alone.

We have been camping out at night in my big soft kennel. (It has blankets in it and is really soft.) We call it camping out. (My Mom and Hershey's Mom said they sleep better too!) Sorry I don't have a picture of us in my soft kennel.

Hershey and I always share our toys. Or at least I share my toys with him. This is "brown bear." It is Hershey's FAVORITE toy in the WHOLE WORLD. He sleeps with it and night and he takes it with him wherever he goes. He even knows it's name. When his Mom says "go get brown bear" he will go and get it.

The trouble is, it is not a bear ... it is a DOG! Duh Hershey .... it's a DOG! PLUS, he won't share it with me! Last night, he got it out of his Mom's bag and he wouldn't let me play with it. We had a fight over it and I won! But then my Mom took it away from me! She put it away. (Mom said I would tear it up.) How unfair is that! I won the fight!!!

Nixon is here. He has a new collar. It is army green and matches his eyes. I think it means he has switched spy organizations! I think he is in the CAT ARMY now! He is so sneaky, this is the only picture I have of him. Maybe I can get a picture of his collar later.


hana said...

Hmmm, that's Nixon? Can't really tell it's him. Obviously he is up to no good!

It's nice you 2 got to share a soft kennel together. I don't have anyone to share my bed with. It gets lonely sometimes. Wish I had a full time playmate.

Hope you 2 had a Happy Thanksgiving! And that you got turkey!

Isabella said...

Sounds like you two had a good ol' time together! Even if you got cheated out of "Brown Bear". I bet you are really missing each other today.
Big Wags,

T-man said...

Hi Hershey,
Thanks for your card! That is a great photo of the two of you.

Dachsies Rule said...

Hershey and Copper! We got the card with your picture. You look so festive! It always sounds like you have so much together. It's great having other dachsies to play with.

Roxie, Sammy & Andy

hana said...

Hi Hershey, we got the card you and Copper sent to us! Wow, I like your card!! The bells and santa hat are neato! I also liked the font you used for the text. Do you recall which font you used? Thanks for exchanging cards with me. My mom has our card for you all ready to mail out on Monday morning at the post office.

Zach said...

That Nixon is one evil looking cat. I bet he's a Catptain in the Army.

hana said...

Hi Hershey, thanks for the information about the font. That really is a neato font! Glad your mom found it!

fee said...

hi copper & hershey!

camping sounds so exciting! are you going to do it again tonight?


Ivy said...

hey hey hershey! i wuz so excited wen i got your message that i cud hardly wait for my peepol to come home so i cud check the mailbox! but sadly there wuz no card for ivy. *sniff*

maybe it will come tomorrow!

Joe Stains said...

I got your card today and wanted to say THANK YOU!!!