Friday, November 24, 2006

a guest blog from Copper .......

Hershey said I could write on his blog. I love having him come visit me. He keeps me company so I am not all alone. I hate being alone.

We have been camping out at night in my big soft kennel. (It has blankets in it and is really soft.) We call it camping out. (My Mom and Hershey's Mom said they sleep better too!) Sorry I don't have a picture of us in my soft kennel.

Hershey and I always share our toys. Or at least I share my toys with him. This is "brown bear." It is Hershey's FAVORITE toy in the WHOLE WORLD. He sleeps with it and night and he takes it with him wherever he goes. He even knows it's name. When his Mom says "go get brown bear" he will go and get it.

The trouble is, it is not a bear ... it is a DOG! Duh Hershey .... it's a DOG! PLUS, he won't share it with me! Last night, he got it out of his Mom's bag and he wouldn't let me play with it. We had a fight over it and I won! But then my Mom took it away from me! She put it away. (Mom said I would tear it up.) How unfair is that! I won the fight!!!

Nixon is here. He has a new collar. It is army green and matches his eyes. I think it means he has switched spy organizations! I think he is in the CAT ARMY now! He is so sneaky, this is the only picture I have of him. Maybe I can get a picture of his collar later.

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

2 hours to go!!!!

i can hardly stand it!!!!! 2 hours until i leave for copper's house!!!!!! YEAHHHH!!!! mom and dad always leave right after dad comes home from work that way they get to copper's house at about midnight. so when we get there copper hears our car coming and wakes up his mom and when i get to the door we RUN and RUN and RUN and RUN around the house jumping on each other and wrestling and playing!!!!! copper's mom and my mom and dad are sleepy and ready to go to bed but we are RUNNING!!!!! so they TRY to calm us down and then they seperate us! cause we don't go to sleep unless we are seperated and sleep with our respective moms and dads. so EARLY the next morning one of us wakes up first to go find the other one and then we PLAY and PLAY and PLAY!!!! we don't care if its 5 or 6 in the morning and our moms and dads went to bed at around 1:00! we've got to PLAY!!!! and if we are really good we get to sleep together at night from then on until mom and dad leave. copper and i get really sad when i have to leave. his mom says he gets mopey for a couple hours after i leave, i do too, i get sad and sleep and cuddly all the way home.

so as you can see copper and i are BEST FRIENDS!!! and technically he is my uncle i think? but we love each other!!!!

and for the inquiring minds, yes, nixon is coming too...we will have to let you know about his spy activities!

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Either this woman is crazy or she's on OUR SIDE!!!

everydog (especially Ivy) you must watch this! i saw this video on vh1's webjunk today while mom ironed some of that stuff they wear. i knew i needed to share it with you! i think this lady and her son are totally helping our cause! we should get our moms and dads to be like this lady!!!

Thursday, November 09, 2006

I confess....

Copper found this video on the internet. it's about pooping, maybe he has a problem too and doens't want to admit it. i mean why would he be looking for videos about poop? well its really funny and this dachshund is able to articulate how i feel about pooping. please watch wally's confessional...
click on his picture

Sunday, November 05, 2006

the bathroom, jackets, and yes...poop

It is official...the bathroom renovation is finished and I helped! I sat in the middle of the bathroom while mom and dad worked on it. I was a good helper! Well this first picture is the "before", mom took a bunch of pictures and put them together using photoshop, that's why it looks kinda funky....notice nixon

and the AFTER!!!! beautiful! notice Nixon AGAIN! oh notice the new mirror and light!

copper's mom gave my mom that yellow chair, isn't it cool, sometime i jump on it and watch mom do her make-up but i run away when she uses that hairspray stuff!

ok, so jackets. dachshunds were bred to burrow underground after badgers! so we like to burrow under the covers and we like to be covered up. and when its cold our bellies are close to the ground and the cold hardwood floors! so i love to wear my jacket!

i got this jacket as a hand-me-down from copper. mom's first dachshund holly always had a jacket in the winter and she liked them. copper even likes jackets too, or at least he used too, we'll have to ask him. so everydog or every-dachshund do you like jackets? if you don't you should try it, its like wearing a blanket!! this jacket has a pocket and sometimes mom and dad use it to send messages to each other. mom will write dad a note and stick it in my pocket and then tell dad to call me and then i run in and deliver the message to dad. kinda cheesy, right. i feel used.
ok, so now on to poop. yes, poop. you see i have a little problem with wanting to poop outside. i am a 1 1/2 years old and i am VERY good about doing the pee outside. i never pee in the house. but poop is another thing. i just think its more fun to poop in the house. mom and dad poop in the house, so much so that they did all kinds of nice things to their bathroom, nixon poops in the house. he has a nice litter box, i should tell you about his fancy litter box one day. SO, why do i have to poop OUTSIDE!?
so for the past 2 weeks i have relented and been very "good" in mom and dad's eyes. i pooped outside 2 times everyday like clockwork and they were very happy. i didn't mind cause they get SO EXCITED when i poop outside! they tell me how good i am, pet me alot, and i get to go straight inside and get a cookie, i even got some special dinners with caesar dog food! so its not bad. but this morning the winning streak ended. it was COLD outside and the grass was crunchy with frost and i decided to poop in mom and dad's bedroom right next to the bed. mom was not happy and i knew it. i got a stern talking to, i was very sad. so do you guys like to poop in the house?

Friday, November 03, 2006

hey the cool vet is on MSN's homepage

Hey everybody check out the cool vet at pet peeves is featured on the front page of MSN, you might have to click NEXT on that big picture!! how cool is that! She has links on her page to Isabella, Zach, Roxie, Sammy, and Andy, Cairo and Cubby!! How cool! You guys are famous...kind of.