Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Oh the many questions of doglet....

tonight i have many questions that i have been pondering...

1. do dogs have accents? for example do opy and charlie have australian accents?

2. why do i always have to go business when my mom and dad sit down to eat dinner?

3. why does copper live so far away?

4. why did steve irwin have to die in such a bizarre way?! he was stabbed in the heart by a usually harmless creature, what is up with that?!

5. why is nixon suddenly so loving to my mom and dad and why does he suddenly not mind it when i lay down right next to him?

6. why does mom feel so sick? she should be happy she is having a baby, not getting sick!? maybe she is just worried that the baby will pull on her ears too...

7. how come dogs are all so different if we apparently all came from wolves, i sure don't look like a wolf!?

8. why do i not care so much about eating?

9. what will mom dress me up like for halloween?

10. why does suri cruise have so much HAIR!? its unnatural!
freekish i tell you, she's got as much hair as i do!

oh, and mom and dad say thank you to all the well-wishers for their happy baby news! i don't know how happy i am...time will tell.

and thanks for keeping up with my adventures at copper's blog while mom and dad were at the beach (yeah, they did NOT take me!)


JustMeCopper said...

Hershey, I live so far away because YOU MOVED! Humph!

Yes, Suri has a lot of hair but my Mom knew a baby that had so much hair when it was born they gave it a hair cut right away so it could see. The child had pig tails when she was only a few weeks old!

And on the food, you need to eat my food, it is yummy.

hana said...

Hershey, my question is: What is a doglet?

Shmoo said...

Different breeds do have accents. Huskies are horribly misunderstood by other dogs. We play bow and woo, and most dogs think we're attacking them. Some dogs really need to get a sense of humor.

Suri's hair. I think that's a baby wig. I'm pretty sure that the Cruise family is nuts and they've put a baby wig on the baby... either that or we're in luck and she's one of those wolfman babies and in two years we can see her in a carnival eating raw meat... I'd pay to see that.


Fu Fu said...

Hi Hershey,

I would also like to know what are you gonna dress up as for halloween. :)

~ fufu

Cairo The Boxer said...

Congrats on the baby! You came up with a lot of great questions. But what are you going to be for halloween? I want to be a soccer player...maybe....Renaldo. Yeah, that sounds good.

Talk to you soon :)

Charlie Kelley-Church said...

If cows & birds can have accents then dogs can. I have a south western drawl. I also speak cat and am the official spokes-animal for my kitty sibs. I let mom and dad know when they want in or out.


Ivy said...

hey hershey! i saw that doglet that looks like you again on my walk the other day. he wuz yelling at us from his back yard that he wanted to go for a walk too and he definately had an accent.

i haf been for rides-in-the-car all over the place from the passific water to the atlantlick water and i haf heard all kindsa dog accents. the wierdest of all were the prairy dogs that live in the hot hot place. i cuddnt unnerstand a word those dogs said.

i am so glad your peepol liked my grilled pizza resipee! i wish my peepol wud make it again soon so i can haf the pizza bones but they say we haf to wait for the counter top to come first. humph. peepol are always making up stupid excuses like that.

Dachsies Rule said...


Dogs may all look different but we all have the heart of a wolf. We would do everything to defend our pack, especially our pack leader (Mom)!

Roxie, Sammy & Andy

fee said...

halo hershey!

so many questions! and i know none of the answers to them too!

o, i'm sure you didn't miss much at the beach; the water's too salty to drink and the waves are mean!

will be counting down with you to the arrival of your new sibling!