Saturday, August 05, 2006

Opie's big idea!

well i did the "paw it forward" and i read some really cool blogs! its such a simple no brainer idea! isn't that what "dogs with blogs" is all about. what's a good dog blog without friends that read it?! since i just moved to virginia i didn't have any friends here and i like having internet friends. in fact i get to go meet some dachshund friends on august 15th. you should try this idea too! go to and see if there is already a dog meetup where you live. if not you can start one! you can also say email me when someone else is interested in starting a meetup like me. my mom went to a dachshund meetup in new york city when she lived there. it was before i was born and she was married to dad. she didn't have a dachshund but missed being around them. (copper and i are 2 in a long line of family dachshunds) since mom liked the meetup idea she signed up for a dachshund meetup in richmond. and this week someone paid the money to have the meetup (long story on the money part but someone has to pay $12 a month to use the list of people who want a meetup and be able to contact them) so i get to meet new dachsie friends on august 15! yeah! i think the pug meetup and another kind of dog meetup will be there to. i hope i have good manners and am friendly. sometimes i just have to protect my mom and it comes out sounding mean. i mean you just have to protect your moms they cuddle with you and give you food!

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fee said...

halo hershey!

welcome to bloggerland! besides wire fox terriers, i love daschunds too! my best playmate, lele, is a daschund! pepsi, one of my regular morning walk pals, is also a daschund but pepsi must weigh more than 10kg, which would be like 20-something pounds and twice your size. (mom actually thought pepsi was pregnant when she first met pepsi!)

i go to my play pen when no one's home. it started as a 80cm x 5 pieces of fence sort of enclosure and has been recently expanded to cover a sizeable corner of the living room because mom felt i was growing and needed more space. also, my wire parents and friends visit pretty often so we need some room to hang out together. perhaps you could persuade your mom and dad to get you a play pen too?

do keep blogging! can i add a link to your blog from mine so my friends can visit you too?