Tuesday, August 15, 2006

My weird neighbor!

I have a strange neighbor. Copper has met him. His name is Rob. My mom is weirded out by him and because of that I have to bark at him whenever I see him. I'll tell you the background story.

Well, at my new house I don't have a fence and mom and dad don't have the money for a fence. So I have to go business on a leash. I can't go business in the backyard cause the grass is all funky back there AND there are TONS of mosquitoes. Now I know what your thinking...Sure Hershey there are tons of mosquitoes everywhere. No, there are more mosquitoes in my backyard than anywhere else in my county! It has actually been proven!

Mom was irritated at the amount of those buzzy bitey pests so she called the county and they came out and did some tests with some traps and stuff and they caught more mosquitoes (the kind that can carry west nile virus, yeah west nile virus!) in our backyard than other place in the county that they had done these test things! yeah so the reason we have so many buzzy yucky disease carrying bugs is that mr. rob has tires and trash in his backyard that has water and water apparently helps those mosquitoes to grow and make more mosquitoes. so if you take away the water its like taking away my boy parts i can't make babies and the mosquitoes can't make babies! well since i can't go business in my backyard (cause mom is allergic to mosquitoes she gets all hivey and stuff) i have to go potty in my frontyard.

ok since i have to go in my frontyard that means i see rob ALLLLLLLLLL the time! why you wonder do I see him EVERY time I go in my front yard? cause he sits in his car, chain smokes, drinks beer, and listens to some sort of talk radio ALLLLLLL the time! mom gets all freaked out by it. its the only thing that she doesn't like about our new house, rob and his mosquito breeding backyard and his sitting in his car all the time! he sits with his window rolled down, and his driveway is right next to my front yard so he is like 15 feet away from where i have to go potty.

most of the time i don't notice him but then he will say something to mom and i will realize he is there and start BARKING at him! well you gots to concentrate to go poops, you gotta find just the right spot, you know. well, when rob talks to mom or dad i get all barky and then i can't concentrate so i have to go inside and then go outside again about 10 minutes later. it makes mom all irritated. oh, and rob likes to growl and me and act like a dog...he has no idea how to act like a dog! take some lessons rob! so he makes me all mad and stuff. otherwise i would just stop barking and go business like mom has taught me to do when people walk by my house. ugh! why can't rob just stay in his house like most normal people! it makes me mad at him that he bugs mom so much. i love my mom. by the way this picture is when mom and dad were looking at the house to buy it in the dead of winter.


JustMeCopper said...

Calm down Hershey.

Isabella said...

That Rob is creepy! Linda and I wouldn't like that either. I'd never manage to potty if someone was sittting in their car that close to me. How come the county doesn't make him clean his yard up? I wonder if he is an undercover spy? Or maybe he is an alien and that is why he listens to the radio in the car- he has a special alien space radio and he is talking to other martians. Yep- that's it! He's an alien! Stay away from him or he might beam you up into space. And those aren't ordinary skeeters in your backyard-they are alien mutant skeeters! Poor Hershey! Keep us posted on the developments with the alien next door.
big Wags,

Dachsies Rule said...

Oh Hershey, that Rob sounds really scary! Your mom and dad are lucky to have you to protect them! But we have to agree with Isabella ... who could do business with a weirdo so close and watching? And he probably IS and alien!

Roxie, Sammy & Andy

hana said...

Rob is a weirdo. I'm sorry you guys have to deal with him and his weirdo pet mosskeytoes.