Saturday, August 05, 2006

My Favorite Toys!

Well Copper has put out the call to show our favorite toys! Here is my first toy ever. Copper helped my buy it. Our moms took us to petsmart the day after they got me. I love my mr. frog, its special to me. This is also my treat jar behind mr. frog

This is my skunk. I'm posting this to let copper know that you CAN'T CHEW HIM UP cause I will never let you near him AGAIN! My mom had to sew skunk up after copper DESTROYED HIM! This is also the bear I stole from Copper when he stayed with me. I will give him back to Copper when I see him next cause I'm nice. But don't go near the skunk, I 'll make him spray you!

This is a toy that copper sent me as part of the hershey-copper toy exchange program. We send toys back and forth to each other. When we get them in the mail we SO EXCITED cause they smell like each other! I feel like I am with copper when I chew on his toy. I love him. And I love this toy! Mom won't let me chew on it when I am in my kennel cause one time I chewed off a big chunk of the blue plastic and she doesn't want me to choke on it so I'm not allowed to have it unless mom is watching me.

Now for my FAVOTIRE TOY OF ALL...BROWN BEAR!!! First, I need to say that I know this is not a bear but a dog, but mom and dad are the stupid ones who started calling it brown bear until someone said..."you know that's not a bear but a dog" mom and dad felt silly but can't stop calling it a bear. Anyways my auntie Elizabeth gave it to me for Christmas (she is dad's sis, I love her!) It used to have a red rope through his hands but I decided he needed to be redecorated so I removed it. I also decided that Brown Bear didn't need his ear either. He squeaks and I LOVE HIM!

After all the picture taking my mom took a picture of me with all my toys, I feel stupid....

ok, all this toy talk makes me want to PLAY!!!!!!


Turbo the Sibe said...

Hi. I posted on your friend Copper's blog that I don't really like toys. I prefer playing with the other dogs and my Human. I do like toilet paper tubes, though.

Shmoo said...


If you are to be an honorary Siberian Husky, you will have to immediately gut all of those toys, eat the stuffing and land in the ER when you can't poo the stuffing out. I'm sorry, but those are the husky rules.


hershey the doglet said...

I promise I have destroyed some of my toys! I promise! I want to be a honorary huskie I do I do! Especially if you will be ruler of the world! I did eat a bunch of tennis ball fuz and I've been pooping it out for a good week or so!

Dachsies Rule said...


We don't have any of our original toys. Andy chews them up. We will see what we can do for pictures of toys though.

You have some great toys. We think you might not be as hyper as we are.

Roxie, Sammy & Andy

JustMeCopper said...

Hershey, you are a big show off. I said FAVORITE toy, not ALL of your toys. But, I am sorry I tore a hole in the skunk. Will you forgive me?

Charlie The Big Dog said...


Zach said...

Nope - not enough destruction - must be because you're a doglet!

Isabella said...

I got a rope toy like that but I chewed all the rubber stuff off- I didn't like that on it, so I just tore it all off. As Linda was picking up all the tiny pieces off the floor, she was muttering something about that I am supposed to be picking stuff up for her instead of her picking stuff up for me.

I love that picture of you with your little bear. You are just so darn cute!
Big Wags,

fee said...


you are too cute! love the pix of you with brown bear (is that him?)!!

wish we could do a round of tug right away!