Monday, August 21, 2006

Humiliation (bad), Huskies (good!)

tonight i got to go on a carride to petsmart! yeah! the night began well enough with the car ride. but it was an adventure let me just tell you! first lets just say that i am somewhat of a shy dog and i get embarrased easily.

as i entered petsmart i walked i met a cute white fluffy girl dog! good, right? well i got really shy and i tucked my tail and when i did all the sudden i just started pooping i couldn't stop! i was SO embarrased. mom had to pick it up. i jumped up on her leg and i looked so embarrased. i needed my mom to hold me and comfort me. little did i know what additional humiliation would lie ahead.. so anyways after the embarrassment of my life i walked around and met some new dog friends. i went and said hi to the cats that need new homes, they were cool, although some had never met a dog, so i told them to make sure they get homes with dogs!

but after i left the cats i met TWO count them TWO huskies! one was red just like meeshka and the other was gray like doodles! they were very nice to me and we smelled noses. i really liked them! mom said they were beeeeauuuutiful! meeshka and doodles i TOTALLY understand about your mom's stealing your fluffiness. they were very fluffly! they weren't as special as meeshka who has two different colored eyes. they both had blue eyes but they were really pretty blue eyes.

well after the humiliation and meeting huskies (which totally made up for the humiliation) mom decided to back up the embarrassment truck and put a hat on me!

so while mom was holding..i mean humiliating me AGAIN... i felt the need to maintain my manliness and i growled at the big petsmart dog that hangs from the ceiling. you know the one i'm talking about? he's a big dog playing with a big red ball and they hang from the ceiling. well he needed growling at! it made me feel better.

well right after i felt better cause i intimidated a big fake dog mom stuck me in a STROLLER!

what is going on here! my mother is bent on making me feel so stupid! i know she loves me but i did not feel loved at petsmart. oh and after all that mom and dad did NOT buy me anything! they said i had plenty of toys! as everydog knows you can never had too many toys! come on mom treat me like the manly man i am, or that i want to be.


Isabella said...

Oh, Hershey! I loved the picture of you in the hat. I know what you mean about getting shy around strange places and things. I am the same way, I love going places but once we are there I feel overwhelmed by everything. I use to pee when I got nervous- thank goodness I am over that, it was so embarrassing.
Big Wags,

Opy - the Original GruffPuppy said...

Oh dear Hershey ! I am lost for words - you poor thing - what humiliation. You may need some councilling from Dr Phil to help you recover - or LOTS of treats, that ought to fix it :-)


Dachsies Rule said...

Oh Hershey,

What were they thinking? We think Opy is right, lots of treats are necessary to ease you through the pain of this ordeal. Know that we feel your pain.

Roxie, Sammy & Andy

Dusty Doodles said...

Hershey that sounds like absolute humiliation. You should have tried the claw or the bitie thing with your mom. Did she have shoes that didn't cover her toes on?? If so, the bitie thing on the toes works really well. Keep that in mind. Meanwhile, convince here the only way to keep you off of Dr. Phil's couch is with lots and lots of cookies.

JustMeCopper said...

Hershey, I am so sorry. I do like the stroller though. When Holly was really old and blind Mom looked and looked for an old stroller for her she she could take her for a ride.

Shmoo said...

Little Doglet,

You poor thing. The hat, truly ghastly. The stroller... hmmm, not such a bad idea actually. Think of it this way, you won't have to get all hot and tired walking around with your humans, they will be rolling you around in style.

I may actually get one for myself, but I'll trick it out really cool.


hana said...

I think the stroller thing is cool! That, or a baby carriage. If it's a baby carriage, maybe your mom will take you to regular human stores and no one will know you're breaking the rules! Sorry to hear about the spontaneous poopping story. It happened to me one time, and that was during an earthquake.