Saturday, August 19, 2006

Doggie Meetup!

yeah! today was doggie meetup day! today (which is saturday) mom and dad didn't sleep in! they woke up and asked me if i wanted to go on a car ride! i said yes please! so we arrived at a place called Phideaux Field (get it!) and there were LOTS of dachshund, boston terriers and a couple other smallish dogs! i was kind of shy at first but mom let me off my leash since the other dogs didn't have leashed too. well i was a little nervous to say hi to some of these new dogs. there were some reeeeally cute girls and since i don't have my boy stuff anymore i was kind of wondering what they would think about that. but i went up and said the dog-hello (humans just think we are sniffing booties, but we all know its just saying hi) and the dog said hi back to me and then we smelled noses

and then we played a little

then we went to meet other new friends

so some really nice dogs had left their toys behind and mom threw one for me and it made me feel a little better. i drank some water with some friends and ran after some toys with them too. i met one dog who had a white eye! it was wierd, mom says he had catrats whatever that is?! there were some nice old dogs and a PUPPY! i told him that being a dog is pretty cool. he is only 8 weeks old!

my new friends and i are going to meet up again in september! i had soooo much fun and i took a BIG nap when i got home. its tiring meeting new friends! everydog you should all go to and see if there are any doggie meetups in your towns!


Isabella said...

Hershey, what a great day you had! I bet having friends to play with is the bestest. Maybe you could invite all your friends over, and all of you could stand and bark at that creepy Rob till he goes back into his house and stays there!
Big wags,

Opy - the Original GruffPuppy said...

WOW Hershey, that looks like such fun. I bet you were very tired after your exciting day.


JustMeCopper said...

Wow, Hershey. I wish I could have gone with you.

Dusty Doodles said...

Wow what fun!! That little girl sure is cute?? Will you be seeing her again in September??

hana said...

Hot diggity dogg! Looks like you had tons of fun. I like Isabella's idea of you guys ganging up on your weirdo neighbor Rob.