Saturday, July 29, 2006

yeah i'm the cat around here!

yeah my name is nixon and i feel like i need to make some things clear about this dog that thinks he is so cool he can have his own blog. whatever. yeah i am much more superior than he is. i make sure things happen around here, i am the only one that has the ability to oversee this whole operation, i can jump up on counters and cabinets and whatever else i can find a way to jump up on. that dog can't even jump up on mom and dad's bed! are you kidding me! what a loser! i get to use the bathroom inside while he must humble himself to do what he calls "business" outside in front of the whole world! he feels he must cuddle (ech i hate that word) with his mom all the time. i don't need their love, sometimes they need my love so i begrudgingly give them some purring and kneeding time. but only for a minute, i can't tolerate much longer. oh! and i get to drink water from the faucet instead of out of a bowl. so whatever this hershey doglet thing tells you remember i rule this house and i make the rules.....except for when hershey gets the upper hand and ends up dragging me around the kitchen by my face (oh, did i mention he can kick my tail when we play, yeah don't tell anyone i said that!)

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SpillToJill said...

Hello Pretty Kitty...

Orange Tabbies are the best...I have 2