Saturday, July 29, 2006

Why I am a doglet and why i love sofa cushions

Well Copper told me I need to explain why I'm a doglet. I only weigh 10 pounds and my dad says I 'm not big enough to be a real dog, just a doglet. My mom wanted a mini dachshund and I delivered! My dad really likes calling me doglet. My mom thinks I am just perfect and likes that I am small (I like to say that I am diminutive). No matter how small I am I can bark like I'm 100 pounds!
I love sofa cushions! I love them! I don't like to sleep on just the sofa I have to sleep on the tops of the back sofa cushions so if you sat down I would be at your neck, but you don't have to be sitting there. But since my mom's sofa cushions aren't attached to the back of the sofa sometimes you fall down between the cushion and the back of the sofa! It feels like your drowning in sofa! I get this distressed and alarmed look on my face and I have to fail my little stubby dachshund legs trying to grasp something to stand on. This drowning usually happens when I get up on the cushion to greet my dad when he comes home from work and I get soooo excited and I wag my tail sooooooo hard that it throws my little body around and I get all in a tizzy and I start drowing in the sofa. My mom and dad laugh so hard but they try to not laught at me cause that would be mean! They help me out and then my mom notices just how much hair I have shed up there on those cushions so she has to get out that big vacuum to suck all the hair off. So no matter the drowning or the vacuuming I love to sleep on the sofa cushions!

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