Saturday, July 29, 2006

we escaped!

yeah, copper and i tore a hole in the side of his kennel today! my mom put us in there cause she was only going to be gone for like 30 minutes. she figured it would be ok. usually we stay in the bathroom but she said it was a lot of trouble to pick up the bathroom mat and the towels and the trashcan (yeah we get into all that stuff) so she put us in the kennel. it has meshy sides and we didn't want to be in there! when she came home we greeted her at the front door and she knew something was up. we tried to hide cause we knew we had done something wrong but she got us and told us we were bad. we helped her sew it up and put a patch on it. we figured it was the least we could do. now mom hopes i won't tear a hole in my new meshy kennel when she leaves me to go to work. (that's what i stay in when i'm alone and she is gone) we thought we were so smart to tear a hole to get out! with out powers combined, we can do anything! dachshund power!

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