Saturday, July 29, 2006

no! it's my toy

oh my gosh! copper and i just got in a fight! my mom had to pull us apart and dropped the laptop on the floor (don't worry the computer is ok, i was worried cause i like blogging!) it all started cause copper had this toy that i like. its a cheeta print fluffy bone. its kinda ugly but copper had it and i wanted it! its actually copper's toy from his house. mom says i'm a bully. but i wanted that toy and he wouldn't give it to me so i had to growl then he had to growl and then i growled louder and so did he and then next thing you know it we were FIGHTING! mom got scared and screamed and pulled us apart and threw me off the sofa and said STOP IT! i think in all the time i have known copper its the third fight ever. and they have always been over toys. isn't it always! toys are important! now we are friends and are on the couch and he is sitting next to me while i write this. we made up.

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