Saturday, July 29, 2006

I'm new at this

My friend Copper and I are each starting our own blog! Our mommies thought it would be fun! Copper is visiting me this week. His mom is my mom's mom, get it!? You'll have to check out his blog too! My cat brother Nixon might blog here too if he feels like it, you know cats they only do what they want when they want to do it! He's cool though, he's orange and he joined my family first so he's older than me. He was rescued from the cat jail! No literally it was cat jail! I used to live in Augusta, GA and there is an old jail that they turned into the Humane Society so the cats live in big old jail cells! Cool! So anyways my mom and dad got him there when he was little. He ended up in cat jail because he got hit by a car and it broke his jaw and a lady found him in the street and took him to the doctor and then to cat jail cause he didn't have a mom or dad to take care of him. He tries to get outside all the time, watches birds and is a water connoisseur (more about that later)
My mom and dad are pretty cool they let me sleep with them every night. They take me on car rides and walks and to the park and stuff. I love to go shopping! There is a mall here that is an outside mall and they let dogs go shopping in all the stores! I can go in Brooks Brothers, Anthropologie, Gap, all kinds of stores but they won't let me go in the restaurants! I don't understand that?! I also love to go shopping at PetSmart, I like to visit the birds and hamsters and mice!
More later!

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wys said...

Cute blog! What a cutie (dog and cat). I'm glad Hershey the Doglet moved to blogger! It's all about the dogs! All the time! :)