Saturday, July 29, 2006

i love a good bath!

well mom told me i needed a bath so i thought i would tell you all how much i LOVE to get a bath. since i am a doglet (i only weigh 10 pounds) i fit in the bathtub and don't make a big mess. when mom and dad first got me i got a bath in the kitchen sink! i loved the sprayer! well i love a good bath, i love love love the warm water. when mom turns the water on and takes off my collar i know its bathtime! she makes the water appear and it falls down on me, i like it WARM almost hot! i sit underneath the water and let it fall on me, i love to get all wet. i even love to stick my face in the water! i close my eyes and let the water fall on my face. mom doesn't even need to get me wet i do it all on my own! sometimes i lay down in the tub i like it so much. its sooooo relaxing! but once i get out of the bath mom dries me off with a towel and i get very very wiggly! when she is done i RUN and RUN and RUN and i like to rub my head on the rug to dry my ears, i also suddenly feel the need to play with my cat Nixon. anyways my dad once took some pictures of me in the tub, i thought i would show them to you. happy baths to all!
oh and copper left this morning and i am sad. maybe a bath will cheer me up! oh and i didn't tear a hole in my kennel! mom was proud!


cindyart98 said...

this dog and his bath CRACK ME UP!! i think if we lived closer, murphy would be mocha's boyfriend :) wouldn't they make a cute couple??

cindyart98 said...

i meant HERSHEY would be Mocha's boyfriend. Murphy is her brother. DUH!