Monday, July 31, 2006

why must they cage me!?

well....i guess i did something wrong! i broke through the zipper of my kennel two times today. yes! i am so strong! well i thought i was quite the escape artist and am quite proud of finding a way out of my kennel without really breaking it! well apparently mom and dad didn't like it. sad. see i used to have a hard plastic kennel, but i am sooo long that it was too small for me. see us dachsies need length in a kennel height itsn't a problem. i couldn't stretch out and when mom and dad are gone for like 8 hours at work i need to stretch out. so i got that meshy kennel a couple months ago. well i tore a hole in that one after a couple weeks. well mom felt the need to repair it. so she sprayed that apple bitter stuff on the inside so i wouldn't tear it with my teeth but i just decided to get through the zipper with my paws! well well well i just can't get a break around here! mom and dad went to wal-mart and bought me a WIRE kennel! one of those black metal wire things! ugh! i just want to sleep on my sofa cushions. that's all! i will get one of them to take a picture of me in it so i can show you the new JAIL i have to be in!

Sunday, July 30, 2006

kennel oh kennel

well...when mom and dad came home from church i met them at the door again! mom locked the zipper so i had to find another way out. well i got creative. i pawed at the door soooo much that it busted open the zipper. unfortunately i didn't break the fixed it. man, i tried hard to break it. my dad said he wants to buy a bigger hard kennel for me. i used to have a hard kennel but mom thought it was getting too small for me. that's why i have the meshy one. now i don't mind going in my kennel, i don't put up a fight. but i loooooove to run around the house and sleep on my sofa cushions! mom, please don't buy a new kennel i promise i won't break out any more! well maybe not everyday...

Saturday, July 29, 2006

I moved!

Hi everyone! I moved here to blogger. Meeshka talked me into it. She's doing a blogathon! I like all my new blog friends and I want to talk to them. And because of the computer wars (mac vs. eveyone else) they just can't get along. Blogger is better. Plus, mom finally figured out how to use it! She isn't good at that html-ly stuff.

just call me houdini...

I escaped! but my mom is happy cause i didn't tear a hole in my kennel i just unzipped it! yup i used my paws to unzip it just enough to escape! mom came home and i greeted her at the door! i had slept on mom and dad's bed (courtesy of the foot stool that dad provided me so i could jump on it) and on the sofa cushions, but i didn't do any 'business' in the house! i was a good boy! maybe that means she will let me stay in the house without being in my kennel. but i have a feeling she is not keen on that idea. but maybe if i wag my tail and give her kisses she will change her mind.

i am looking forward to reading meeshka's blogathon! you can do it! try drinking coffee, it helps my dad stay awake.

i love a good bath!

well mom told me i needed a bath so i thought i would tell you all how much i LOVE to get a bath. since i am a doglet (i only weigh 10 pounds) i fit in the bathtub and don't make a big mess. when mom and dad first got me i got a bath in the kitchen sink! i loved the sprayer! well i love a good bath, i love love love the warm water. when mom turns the water on and takes off my collar i know its bathtime! she makes the water appear and it falls down on me, i like it WARM almost hot! i sit underneath the water and let it fall on me, i love to get all wet. i even love to stick my face in the water! i close my eyes and let the water fall on my face. mom doesn't even need to get me wet i do it all on my own! sometimes i lay down in the tub i like it so much. its sooooo relaxing! but once i get out of the bath mom dries me off with a towel and i get very very wiggly! when she is done i RUN and RUN and RUN and i like to rub my head on the rug to dry my ears, i also suddenly feel the need to play with my cat Nixon. anyways my dad once took some pictures of me in the tub, i thought i would show them to you. happy baths to all!
oh and copper left this morning and i am sad. maybe a bath will cheer me up! oh and i didn't tear a hole in my kennel! mom was proud!

we escaped!

yeah, copper and i tore a hole in the side of his kennel today! my mom put us in there cause she was only going to be gone for like 30 minutes. she figured it would be ok. usually we stay in the bathroom but she said it was a lot of trouble to pick up the bathroom mat and the towels and the trashcan (yeah we get into all that stuff) so she put us in the kennel. it has meshy sides and we didn't want to be in there! when she came home we greeted her at the front door and she knew something was up. we tried to hide cause we knew we had done something wrong but she got us and told us we were bad. we helped her sew it up and put a patch on it. we figured it was the least we could do. now mom hopes i won't tear a hole in my new meshy kennel when she leaves me to go to work. (that's what i stay in when i'm alone and she is gone) we thought we were so smart to tear a hole to get out! with out powers combined, we can do anything! dachshund power!

no! it's my toy

oh my gosh! copper and i just got in a fight! my mom had to pull us apart and dropped the laptop on the floor (don't worry the computer is ok, i was worried cause i like blogging!) it all started cause copper had this toy that i like. its a cheeta print fluffy bone. its kinda ugly but copper had it and i wanted it! its actually copper's toy from his house. mom says i'm a bully. but i wanted that toy and he wouldn't give it to me so i had to growl then he had to growl and then i growled louder and so did he and then next thing you know it we were FIGHTING! mom got scared and screamed and pulled us apart and threw me off the sofa and said STOP IT! i think in all the time i have known copper its the third fight ever. and they have always been over toys. isn't it always! toys are important! now we are friends and are on the couch and he is sitting next to me while i write this. we made up.

yeah i'm the cat around here!

yeah my name is nixon and i feel like i need to make some things clear about this dog that thinks he is so cool he can have his own blog. whatever. yeah i am much more superior than he is. i make sure things happen around here, i am the only one that has the ability to oversee this whole operation, i can jump up on counters and cabinets and whatever else i can find a way to jump up on. that dog can't even jump up on mom and dad's bed! are you kidding me! what a loser! i get to use the bathroom inside while he must humble himself to do what he calls "business" outside in front of the whole world! he feels he must cuddle (ech i hate that word) with his mom all the time. i don't need their love, sometimes they need my love so i begrudgingly give them some purring and kneeding time. but only for a minute, i can't tolerate much longer. oh! and i get to drink water from the faucet instead of out of a bowl. so whatever this hershey doglet thing tells you remember i rule this house and i make the rules.....except for when hershey gets the upper hand and ends up dragging me around the kitchen by my face (oh, did i mention he can kick my tail when we play, yeah don't tell anyone i said that!)

cool video i found!

i decided to go look at the youtube website to see if i could find any cute dachsies with videos and i found this video that perfectly says how i feel when my mom and dad leave me when they go to work! it made me feel better to know other dogs feel the same way as i do....

Why I am a doglet and why i love sofa cushions

Well Copper told me I need to explain why I'm a doglet. I only weigh 10 pounds and my dad says I 'm not big enough to be a real dog, just a doglet. My mom wanted a mini dachshund and I delivered! My dad really likes calling me doglet. My mom thinks I am just perfect and likes that I am small (I like to say that I am diminutive). No matter how small I am I can bark like I'm 100 pounds!
I love sofa cushions! I love them! I don't like to sleep on just the sofa I have to sleep on the tops of the back sofa cushions so if you sat down I would be at your neck, but you don't have to be sitting there. But since my mom's sofa cushions aren't attached to the back of the sofa sometimes you fall down between the cushion and the back of the sofa! It feels like your drowning in sofa! I get this distressed and alarmed look on my face and I have to fail my little stubby dachshund legs trying to grasp something to stand on. This drowning usually happens when I get up on the cushion to greet my dad when he comes home from work and I get soooo excited and I wag my tail sooooooo hard that it throws my little body around and I get all in a tizzy and I start drowing in the sofa. My mom and dad laugh so hard but they try to not laught at me cause that would be mean! They help me out and then my mom notices just how much hair I have shed up there on those cushions so she has to get out that big vacuum to suck all the hair off. So no matter the drowning or the vacuuming I love to sleep on the sofa cushions!

Copper is staying at my house!

Yeah! Copper is staying at my house for a whole week! His mom and dad brought him to my house saturday but they left today and Copper stayed here. He told me he was sad but he likes my mom and dad and he is my best friend so he said its not that bad. I told him to think of it as an adventure! I think he just misses his mommy.

I'm new at this

My friend Copper and I are each starting our own blog! Our mommies thought it would be fun! Copper is visiting me this week. His mom is my mom's mom, get it!? You'll have to check out his blog too! My cat brother Nixon might blog here too if he feels like it, you know cats they only do what they want when they want to do it! He's cool though, he's orange and he joined my family first so he's older than me. He was rescued from the cat jail! No literally it was cat jail! I used to live in Augusta, GA and there is an old jail that they turned into the Humane Society so the cats live in big old jail cells! Cool! So anyways my mom and dad got him there when he was little. He ended up in cat jail because he got hit by a car and it broke his jaw and a lady found him in the street and took him to the doctor and then to cat jail cause he didn't have a mom or dad to take care of him. He tries to get outside all the time, watches birds and is a water connoisseur (more about that later)
My mom and dad are pretty cool they let me sleep with them every night. They take me on car rides and walks and to the park and stuff. I love to go shopping! There is a mall here that is an outside mall and they let dogs go shopping in all the stores! I can go in Brooks Brothers, Anthropologie, Gap, all kinds of stores but they won't let me go in the restaurants! I don't understand that?! I also love to go shopping at PetSmart, I like to visit the birds and hamsters and mice!
More later!